Please read through this information package (all on white paper) and keep it at home for future reference.

Welcome back! We hope everyone had a restful and enjoyable summer. Mark your calendars: We hope to see everyone at the Back-to-School Open House on September 19th from 6-7:30pm.

Brant Ave is a busy school with many events occurring each week. We have started to use the School Messenger App. Please see the included instructions on how to sign up for text or email notifications.

A smooth transition for students coming to Brant Ave is a top priority for us, however, classroom reorganization as a result of Ministry mandated classroom cap sizes is always a possibility.  Therefore, during the first two weeks of school, classroom placements are considered tentative.  If changes must be made, parents will be notified and we will make every effort to keep disruption to a minimum.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at the school if you have questions or concerns.

I would like to welcome some new staff to Brant Ave this fall.  Mrs. Johnston is teaching Grade 1-4 Arts, we are hiring a Grade 4-6 French Teacher to cover Mdme Gill’s leave of absence, and Mrs. Moyer is back teaching Resource and Kindergarten Gym.

If you have any questions or concerns, please give me a call at 519-824-2671 x223, send me an email at, or drop by the office. I am looking forward to another great year at Brant Ave. Go Bears!

Mr. Anderson



A number of important forms, on colourful paper, are coming home along with this newsletter.  Please ensure that you read them carefully! If you have any questions regarding these forms, please contact the school office.

Please complete and return these forms to your child’s teacher by Friday, September 6th.


September 12 - Parent Council 6-7pm

September 19 - Open House in the evening from 6-7:30pm

September 26 - Picture Day

September 27 - PD Day


For more information concerning school policies and procedures please refer to the school website where you will find the updated school handbook.  The address is:

Our School Day

School Staff - 2019-2020

8:55  - 9:35

Period 1

KA                 Mrs.Garvey & Mrs.Marx ECE

KB                   Mrs. Bond and Mrs. Zorzi ECE

Grade 1         Mrs. Anderson

Grade 1/2      Mrs. Pye-Clifford

Grade 2        Mrs. Park

Grade 3        Mrs. Pelvin

Grade 3/4      Mrs. King

Grade 4        Mr. Graham

Grade 5/6      Mrs.Haessler

Grade 5/6        Mrs. Lundahl

Library        Mrs. Licastro

Planning        Mrs. Moyer, Mrs. Johnston

Resource        Ms. Gojmerac, Mrs. Moyer

Core French        Mdme Yakabuskie

Ed. Assistants    Ms.Leyland, Ms.Shelleau

   Ms.deVries,Mrs.Snook,Mrs. Withers

CYC                Mrs. Fonte

Custodians        Mrs. Perera & Mr.Moores(temp for Mr. Schenk),

Office Co-ordinator   Mrs. Alton

Principal        Mr. Anderson

9:35  - 10:15

Period 2

10:15 - 10:55

Period 3

10:55 - 11:35

Nutrition Break

11:35 - 12:05

Period 4

12:05 - 12:35

Period 5

12:35 - 1:15

Period 6

1:15 -  1:55

Nutrition Break

1:55 -  2:35

Period 7

2:35 -  3:15

Period 8


Students in grades 5 and 6 will be receiving a school agenda.  The agenda is an important organizational and communication tool for the student, and provides excellent communication between home and school. The cost is $5.00 for each agenda. Please sign-up for our School Cash Online payment system (see attached info in the package).


We warmly invite parents and guests to visit our school and encourage volunteers in our classrooms.  For safety reasons, all visitors must report and sign-in to the office when they arrive.


To ensure student safety, if you are taking your child from the school during the school day, you must come to the office and sign your child out after talking to the Office Coordinator.  This will assist us in ensuring the safety of your child. We ask that parents avoid picking up their children in the last 30 minutes of the school day.


During the school day, your child’s safety is of the utmost importance to us. It is imperative that you call the office before 8:50 am if your child is going to be absent or late.  For your convenience, we also have voice mail which allows you to contact the school at anytime during the night, over the weekends and early in the morning.  The phone number is 519-824-2671 ext 100.  When you leave a message, please be sure to note the child’s full name, teacher and reason for absence.

If a child is absent and we have not heard from a parent/guardian, we will attempt to contact the parent/guardian to ensure that the child is “safe”.  If a parent can not be reached, we will contact the emergency number provided.

It is very important to let the school know if there is any change in personal information: home or work numbers, cell numbers, address changes etc.  In the event of an unexplained absence or emergency, we will then be able to contact your immediately.

If your child’s dismissal arrangements change in any way, please send a note in the morning.  It is extremely busy in the office at the end of the day, and messages left on the machine may not be retrieved in time to pass on to the teacher.


The curriculum is rich and extensive so teachers need to use every period to enable students to learn all they can.  Lessons need to start on time.  Late students disturb the lesson flow, because teachers have to re-teach to ensure the late student is brought up-to-date. The consequence increases to the class when students are repeatedly late for class.  Please help by getting your children to school on time.  Everyone benefits!


Student patrols are on duty for fifteen minutes before classes begin and after classes end.   Patrol Times: 8:40 - 8:55 am and 3:15 - 3:30 pm


The Upper Grand DSB provides a smoke and vape-free environment for its students, staff and others while on school Board property and at school events.  Under our policy, all forms of tobacco, and any processed form of tobacco that may be smoked, inhaled or chewed is included. Additionally, all forms of e-cigarettes are also covered under this policy.

Smudging is the tradition of using sacred smoke from sacred medicines (e.g., tobacco and sage) that forms part of indigenous culture and spirituality.  Smudging is allowed in schools under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act.  Participation by staff and students is optional in a smudging ceremony.


Mrs. Fonte will be here Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons and Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Mrs. Fonte can be reached at 519-824-2671 ext. 227.


UGDSB Policy 518: Students with Life-Threatening Medical Conditions, outlines the roles and responsibilities for all in the educational community to support students with possible life-threatening medical conditions.  The prevalent medical conditions covered under this policy are Asthma, Anaphylaxis, Diabetes and Epilepsy/Seizure Disorders.  If your child has one of these, or any other life-threatening medical condition, please visit: (and look for Policy 518) or contact the school as soon as possible.  We will work with you to develop a Plan of Care to support your child.


We have children in our school with potential life-threatening allergies (called anaphylaxis) to various foods and other materials.  Anaphylaxis is a medical condition that can cause death within minutes.  Some of the allergies at Brant Ave include tree nuts, peanuts, egg, kiwi, and pineapple. In recent years, anaphylaxis has increased dramatically among students. Although this may not affect your child’s class directly, we are letting you know so that you are aware that we aim to create an allergy safe environment at our school. If your child is in a classroom with an anaphylactic child, or your child has anaphylaxis, you will be informed by the classroom teacher. Our school has procedures in place for the prevention and management of anaphylactic reactions. If your child has health concerns of any kind, please tell your child’s teacher or the office and we will take the necessary health protection steps. Thank you for your understanding in ensuring an allergy-safe environment for all of our students.


Reminder for parents/guardians: Accidents happen – be prepared with Student Accident Insurance.

Parents/guardians are responsible for expenses related to student injuries on school premises during school activities.  Accidents can and do happen and the costs involved might not be fully covered by Provincial Health Care or employer group insurance plans.

The Upper Grand District School Board is empowered under The Education Act to offer Accident and Life Insurance for students.

Information has been sent home today with respect to Student Accident Insurance offered by Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada.  You should receive:

1.       The Director’s letter and an Acknowledgment to be signed by parents/guardians and returned to school. Attached to the Director’s letter is a translation sheet for your reference.

2.       An InsureMyKids application form

Old Republic offers a variety of options, including family rates and multi-year plans, at affordable prices.  The cost must be paid by parents/guardians. Subscription is directly through Old Republic by mail or online.  Questions should be directed to Old Republic at 1-800-463-5437 or


Our Food and Friends student nutrition program will serve 250 students this school year on three days per week.  Please know that this is a supplemental program that does not replace a healthy breakfast but enhances a student's ability to acquire enough nutrition to help them learn throughout the school day. The program is universally accessible for all to enjoy.  Please contact Mr. Anderson if you have any questions about the program or if you'd like to contribute in some way.  Thank you for your part in bringing healthy food to hungry minds.

64 Brant Avenue           519-824-2671      @brantave (Twitter/Facebook)