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2021/22 Futsal FAQs & Info
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Futsal ID FAQs for Futsal Year 2021-2022

Program Structure Information:

Please note: As we continue to obtain guidance from the Alexandria Health Department programming may be adjusted. The below information and structure describe our current plans but are subject to change.

Q: What structure should we expect from Futsal ID season in regards to practices, leagues and tournaments?

A: During the futsal season (November-February) we plan to utilize both INDOOR and outdoor futsal courts in order to maximize available play space and provide an opportunity for teams to train twice a week.

This year ASA will host the Mid-Atlantic Regional Tournament (ASA’s Futsal Cup) at the DC Armory on December 3-5th. During the months of January-February, ID teams will participate in the Futsal Premier League (the re-branded winter futsal league) and select teams will attend various state and regional competitions.

Projected Futsal ID Program schedule:

November-December First half of season

January- February 

Q: When (days and times) and where will my team train?

A: The specific dates and times of training will be communicated after tryouts and after determining the number of teams in the program. Team training may be a combination one day outside at Alexandria City futsal and multi-use courts and one day INSIDE.

Q: What about VYSA/USFF State Cup and USFF/USYF Regionals competitions during January and February?

A: VYSA and USFF/USYF have confirmed state and regional competitions will be hosted. Dates are TBD.

Q:  What determines a team’s potential participation in the State/Regional/National Futsal Championships that typically take place in January and February?

A: Participation in these tournaments is determined by the player pool of each age group. A number of variables are considered. These include the group's availability, overall skill level, collective futsal experience, and more. Teams will be given a decision to participate in State and Regional competitions once rosters are set.

NEW Q: What is the competition structure as it relates to the team’s color designation: Red, Elite, White, Blue, or Black?

A: Red and Elite groups, in general, will be teams that compete at the regional and national level. White, Blue and Black teams, in general, will compete in local events.

NEW Q: What prompted the addition of “Elite” teams?
A: ASA is expanding the opportunity for Futsal ID players to compete in regional and national tournaments by offering two top level teams in select age groups. The addition of an “Elite” team to certain age groups is based on the depth, growth and development of that specific pool of players. Regardless of team placement, the coaching staff is focused on placing participants in environments that offer an appropriately challenging environment and foster development.

General Futsal ID Program Information:

Q: When will I receive information about purchasing a uniform?

A: Families will receive instructions via email from, one to two days after ACCEPTING a spot and registering for a position on a team.

Q: Do I need to purchase a new Capelli uniform?

A: New players must purchase new uniforms (Neon top, Black top, Black Shorts, Black Socks, Red shorts and socks are optional).

All returning players must purchase BLACK SHORTS and BLACK SOCKS. The Neon and Black jerseys purchased in the winter of 2021 remain the same. Information to purchase a uniform will be sent one to two days after accepting the invitation to join the ID team.

Uniforms cost $90-$100. The uniform consists of one neon home jersey, one black away jersey, one pair of black shorts and one pair of black socks. Please purchase your uniform before November 5th. The earlier you order the better! Please note that jersey numbers are assigned based on ACADEMY NUMBERS. Non ASA Academy players will be assigned a number at random based on available numbers within the age group. We are unable to accommodate requests for specific numbers. If your child does not have his or her uniform in time for the first game, please have them wear a neon t-shirt or black t-shirt, black shorts, and black socks.

If you need to purchase items but did not receive the email from Capelli, please follow these steps:

If your child is a goalie, the ASA goalie gear should be visible in the “ Goalkeeper Mandatory Kit” section. If your child only plays goalie, you do not need to purchase a court jersey. If you don't see goalie gear, email

Q: Do participants need a futsal ball?

A: ALL players should bring a futsal ball to practice. 

Q: Does my child need to wear a uniform for training sessions?

A: At this time there is no specific training uniform, HOWEVER, it is required to wear ASA gear during training. Please review the recommended gear on the ASA team page.

Q: Is the Futsal ID Program like the outdoor Academy program?

A: It is not the same as travel or academy soccer but this is a comparable way to think about the program. Teams are selected based on ability, availability and commitment. The Futsal ID teams train together in preparation for local, regional, national and possibly international futsal competitions.

Q: How are teams/players selected?

A: Players will undergo a 2-3 day open tryout/evaluation process prior to the start of the season. The Futsal ID coaching staff works together to identify the appropriate futsal opportunity for each player with ASA’s platform (ID team or non-ID league team). All players have an opportunity to play futsal though the ID platform is recommended only to those with the highest comfort level and ability within the game.

Q: How many players will be selected onto each team?

A: Each team will have eight to ten players with the possibility of a practice-only player.

Q: What does it mean if a player is selected as a “Practice Player”?

A: If a player is selected as Practice Player, he or she will have the opportunity to train with the ID teams and may have opportunities to compete with the I.D team in competitions if an extra player is needed. Practice players will need to register separately for the Futsal League.

Q: If selected to the team should my son/daughter expect a certain amount of playing time?

A: Playing time at the U9-12 level will be managed to give each player at least 50% of playing time in League play over the course of the entire season (not per game). Playing time for U13-U19 year old players will be based on commitment, work ethic and skill level. In major tournaments, playoffs or final matches coaches will make playing time decisions in an effort to win.

Q: Can I Volunteer to help manage a team?

A: YES! Each team is required to have a team manager that will help the head coach with communication, registering for tournaments, handing out jerseys, and rostering. If you are interested in volunteering please contact

Q: What is the difference between Futsal ID, Futsal League and Futsal Ball Mastery Program?

A: The Futsal ID program is a tryout only program. Participants attend tryouts, are selected to a team, train twice per week and compete in competitions.

Participation in the Futsal League is open registration. Teams and players are placed in competitively appropriate divisions. Players in the Futsal ID program will play in the league and will be automatically registered.

Futsal Ball Mastery is a training program that introduces and teaches futsal concepts and skills prior to the start of the Futsal League.

Q: What is the refund policy?

A: After accepting a position with an age group in the ASA Futsal ID Program, all ASA fees due or paid are non-refundable regardless of the reason for the player’s ceasing to participate. If the player chooses to leave the club or transfer to another club at any time, no portion of the fee is refundable.  In the same case a player is not in good standing with the club until their full annual balance has been paid.  If a player is injured such that the player is unable to participate the remainder of the seasonal year, a decision will be made by the Deputy Director, with consultation with the Futsal Director or full Futsal committee, whether based on the particular facts it will elect to refund any part of the fee.

2020-2021 Tuition Structure

Q: What is the tuition schedule for next year?

A: Team tuitions based on number of tournaments and projected schedules:

A down payment is due when a player accepts a spot on a team. Families can make a down payment of $275 or can pay in full upon registration ($135 for families receiving financial aid). Additionally, the payment schedule can be broken into two installments (the down payment + one installment payment).  

Here is an SAMPLE of an installment plan based on the fee $550 structure:

*players who receive financial assistance can extend payment to Jan 15th to reduce the monthly fee

Disclaimer: Tuition is subject to change based on variables, including potential COVID-19 restrictions or policy changes.

Q: If my team adds events in January and February that are not currently included in the tuition structure (for example, State Cup or Regionals in Atlantic City), how will my total cost change?

A:  The incurred cost of any added on competitions or training sessions will be passed onto participants in the range of $100 - $400 depending on the event AND/OR if any practices are added. 

Q: When is the first payment due for the season?

A: The first payment, $275 ($135 financial assistance pricing) is due when you register your child with their team after receiving an invite. You will be prompted to make a down payment by credit card or check. If your child receives free or reduced lunch and you are applying for financial aid, this payment will be deferred until after we review your application for aid.

Q: Why is the tuition for my child's team different from last year?

A: This past year, the fees were changed to reflect an adjustment in programming due to COVID-19. Many variables factor into this year’s price point, including indoor training and additional tournaments. The incurred cost of any added competitions or training sessions will be passed onto participants in the range of $100- $400 depending on the event AND/OR if any practices are approved indoor at that time. 

Q: How long do I have to decide whether to accept the team invitation?

A: We ask that parents accept or decline the invitation within 48 hours of receiving it via email. When you click ACCEPT or DECLINE in the invitation, please be sure to complete all steps to register in order to officially accept/reserve your spot. Invitations are sent on a rolling basis, thus your prompt reply is important so that we can finalize rosters in a fair and efficient manner. Please note that team registration must be done on a computer; it will not work on a mobile phone.

Q: Can we defer the first payment to later in the year if our family is experiencing financial difficulty as a result of the pandemic?  

A: Through our Access4All program initiatives, we are committing to work with every family to ensure that the tuition is not a barrier to participation. If you are experiencing financial hardship, please reach out to our Futsal staff to apply for financial aid or an adjustment in your payment schedule.

Q: What layers of financial aid are available for those who apply and are approved?

A:  The first layer of financial support for the Futsal ID program is a flexible installment plan that extends over the course of the program to allow for lower monthly payments.  

Additional aid will be considered on a case-by-case basis based on household income and members of the household (as reflected on the first page of 2020 tax returns). Please contact us if you would like to discuss the possibility of additional financial aid or an alternative payment plan.

Financial Aid scholarships (25% off tuition) are offered to players enrolled in the Free and Reduced Lunch Program at school or who provide additional supporting financial documents.

If you are applying for additional financial aid today, your down payment will be deferred until after we review your application. On the payment page, please select the option to apply for financial aid and review the instructions.

Q: Will cancellation policies be more flexible should families lose income?

A: Similar to our financial aid process, should any family experience financial hardship mid-season please reach out to our Futsal staff to request assistance. We would not want a family to have to cancel their child's participation due to financial hardship.

Q: What happens if we need to withdraw our child in accordance with health guidelines on people with underlying medical issues?

A: If you anticipate that you may need to withdraw your child due to family medical issues, please contact to let us know more about your situation and how we can support you in this time of uncertainty.