General Upkeep - Next Hole Signs

Hole 1.

🗌 Weed wack left side from shack to left of green

🗌 Second pass (mower?) around green area

🗌 Add rec tee at right corner of pond

Hole 2.

🗌 Tee pad repair

🗌 Weed wack short right area (just past brush)

Hole 3.

🗌 Tee pad curling in back

🗌 Add dirt berm above first drop off to help divert future water

🗌 Add rec tee on mid hill flat area

Hole 4.

🗌 P.O. control (spray?)

Hole 5.

🗌 P.O. control (spray?)

Hole 6.

🗌 Mow along left side

🗌 Weed wack under/around first oak

🗌 Round up on Nettle

🗌 Rec tee on left side at first notch in fairway (?)

🗌 Empty recycling

Hole 7.

🗌 Tee pad – fill front – maybe lift and repair

🗌 Mow/Weed wack right side

🗌 Rec tee near small oak on right

Hole 7a.

🗌 Weed wack around last group of oaks (on right side)

🗌 Round up around short baskets oaks

Hole 8.

🗌 Weed wack / round up around oak on right (where kelp tee is)

Hole 8a.

🗌 Tee pad curl

🗌 Rebuild stairs (wood and rebar)

🗌 Trim/clean trails to and from long basket

Hole 9.

🗌 Re-cut drainage in front of tee

🗌 Mow/wack area long of straight basket

Hole 10.

🗌 Round up mustard area (near wood pile) on the right

Hole 12.

🗌 New growth protection on some young oaks right and left

🗌 Rec tee forward and left of first gap

Hole 13.

🗌 Weed wack right hillside along the tree line

🗌 New pin position short left (?)

Hole 14.

🗌 Tee pad curled

🗌 Needs retaining wall/drainage left of tee pad

🗌 Round up nettle under oaks (straight)

🗌 Clear fallen oak

Hole 15.

🗌 Tee pad curled in back

🗌 P.O. control for path from basket to 16

🗌 Empty Recycling

Hole 16.

🗌 Lift and re-build Tee pad

🗌 Mow right hillside

🗌 New lock for basket

🗌 Rec tee near small oak on right side hill

Hole 17.

🗌 Fill front of tee

🗌 Mow upper hillside (long basket position)

Hole 18.

🗌 Mow hill in front of tee

🗌 Stripe rough on left and right side

🗌 Wack OB areas in front of basket