Landlord’s Rules & Regulations

It is highly recommended Tenant(s) obtain their Own Renter’s & Liability  Insurance Policy.

Owner’s Insurance will NOT cover tenant’s items, food loss, or temporary lodging in the event of an incident / loss / fire / flood.


A username & password will be sent to the email you have on file with the property manager.  The portal may be accessed from:

Copies of your lease, move in reports, and other documents can be found here as well!


For Emergency Maintenance, please call 210-695-8252, OPTION #2.

After hours, you will be connected with the Repair Hotline.  Heating, A/C and Water Heater Outages are not necessarily emergencies.  Non-Emergency repairs will not be made after hours / weekends. The repair line will attempt basic troubleshooting with the tenant first before dispatching a technician.

An Example of an emergency would be Uncontrolled Flooding Into the Home, Water Heater has a hole in it, broken sewer line, etc.

Appliances are not considered an emergency. In the event a refrigerator is not working, tenant is responsible to preserve/protect food. Landlord will not replace spoiled food.


Routine requests must be made through the online maintenance portal. This satisfies the ‘In Writing’ requirement of your lease.   Our goal is to get a routine work order out to a vendor by same or next business day, depending on arrival time of the request.

Maintenance will not be scheduled / performed on weekends or after normal business hours.  If after hours appointments are required due to tenant’s schedule, tenant wil be responsible for the after hours rate.

Landlord’s Rules & Regulations


Rent is DUE on the 1st and must be RECEIVED on the 1st. Even if the 1st falls on a weekend.  Late Fees are charged on the 3rd. If the entire balance isn’t paid in full by the 5th, we will begin the eviction notice process and the tenant will be charged administration and filing fees.

This does not always mean you will be evicted, but we must start the process.  We will attempt to work with you to avoid eviction. See your lease, Paragraph 8, for how payments are allocated.


Inoperable Vehicles / Boats / Commercial Vehicles are not allowed to be parked / worked on in the driveway. For RVs, loading/unloading for a trip is allowed for up to 2 days, subject to City/HOA guidelines.


No storage of any type is allowed in the front yard / porch areas or within view of the street. This includes garbage cans, they must be stored behind the fence or in the garage.


Anytime Bluefax PM receives an HOA/City Violation notice, an Administration Fee will be charged according to the Tenant Fee Schedule.


Tenant is responsible to ensure utilities are switched into their name effective Move In Date to avoid any disruption in service.  Utilities are to remain on through 5pm on the last day of the lease.


Mail Keys are to be arranged with the Post Office. They’ll need a copy of your lease to assign a box, and will let you know the location. Due to Privacy and Identity Theft Issues, we no longer pass along mail keys between tenants.


Landlord’s Rules & Regulations


Carpets must be professionally cleaned. Please do not have the carpet cleaned prior to the whole house being empty. A ‘rental receipt’ will not suffice for having the carpets cleaned.

Tenant(s) is/are also responsible for de-odorizing any smells/stains.

Smell issues will be at the sole discretion of property management.

Property must be clean and 'Rent Ready' when keys are returned. This includes the lawn, it should be clean and recently cut.

Tenant may be charged for items deemed not 'Rent Ready' along with a coordination fee to take care of the items.


Keys must be turned in No Later Than NOON on the last day of the lease.


If the property has a garage door opener, 2 remotes will be supplied.

If the property is in a gated community, and tenant(s) want a gate clicker, it may be purchased directly from the HOA at tenant expense.

If the HOA has amenities that are accessible to the tenant, an access card/fob will be supplied. Tenant will be liable for the replacement if card/fob is lost/stolen.



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