Alva Basketball

2020-21  Revised 1/4/20

Date        Opponent        Level        Home/Away        Time(s)

12/1/20        Chisholm        JV/V        Home        6:30/8pm

12/8/20        Blackwell        JV/V        Away        6:30/8pm

12/10-12/20        Oilton Tournament        V        Away        TBA

12/17/20        OCA        Boys only        Home        5:30/ 7:00pm

12/18/20        Pioneer        Boys only        Timberlake        4:00pm

1/5/21        Blackwell        JV/V        Home        6:30/8pm

1/7-9/21        Wheat Capital Tournament        V        Away        TBA

1/7-9/21        Cherokee Invitational        JV        Away        TBA

1/15/21        Chisholm        JV/V        Away        6:30/8pm

1/16/21        Blackwell**        JV/V        Away        6:30/8pm

1/19/21        Newkirk        JV/V        Away        6:30/8pm

1/21-23/21        Pawhuska Tournament        V        Away        TBA

1/26/21        Woodward        JV/V        Home        6:30/8pm

1/29/21        Riverside Festival- Enid        V        Away        2:50/4:20pm

2/2/21        #Tonkawa        JV/V        Home        6:30/8pm

2/4/21        Frontier        JV/V        Away        6:30/8pm

2/6/21        *Hooker        9/JV/V        Home        3/4:30pm

2/9/21        Woodward        JV/V        Away        6:30/8pm

2/11/21        Fairview**        JV/V        Away        6:30/8pm

2/13/21        Perry**        V        Home        12:00n/1:30pm

        Newkirk        JV/V        Home        6:30/8pm

JV games will be played at 4/5pm.

(Hooker JV will be at 12:30/1:30)

        * Homecoming

        # Senior Night

        ** Rescheduled games