DeWitt School District-

Gillett Elementary School Parental Involvement Plan 2017-18


 Pre-K through 5th Grade

GES Principal and GES Parent Coordinator:  

Rachel Mitchell and Toshia Dillion

Title I Status:  Title I Schoolwide

% of Students Who Qualify for Free & Reduced Lunches:  62.3%

Parental Involvement Committee Members: Rachel Mitchell, Toshia Dillion, Diane Howell, Joli Holzhauer, Mike Dodson, Melissa Grantham, Joni Phillips, Lisa Jones, Sheila Dodson

Our school communicates with parents in many ways.  Listed below are a few examples:

  • A parent newsletter/bulletin is sent home at least once monthly, but often more as needs arise.
  • At open houses and other school events, tables are set up in an effort to provide parents with information such as How to Help Children be Successful in School, Study Strategies, and much more.
  • The district maintains a website through which the school can add information updating parents on past, present, and future events.  A link on this website will also all parents/visitors to click on the Gillett Elementary Link, to gain further information about our school.  Also through this website, parents can also connect to an online grading system to stay informed on their student's grades and progress.  Menus, important dates, etc. are also things that are on the GES website.
  • The school uses a school lunch internet program which can notify parents of school lunch payment status and balance of school lunch accounts electronically.
  • Teachers in all classrooms use a daily parent-teacher communicator folder in which parents sign a daily slip and return to school with their student the next day.  This is to help communicate from school to home the homework and grades that are being handed down.  There is also a student planner that students complete and take home to document what is required of them that week.
  • A week-ahead type letter goes home each Monday in each student's folder to update parents of events, and important information regarding homework, spelling lists, and tests for the week.
  • Teachers contact parents regularly via phone and/or email as needed to discuss needs for a particular student or to update them on student progress.
  • The school provides a progress report every four weeks containing information on the student’s school progress.
  • The school and district widely use the district website, student handbooks, local media outlets, etc. to get information out to parents about the school's Title I plan and the services that the school provides.
  • Many teachers use the Remind App to send reminders via smart devices to send messages to the parents to keep them informed.
  • Students use student planners in Grades 1-5 to help communicate school work and important dates.
  • SchoolReach is a notification device that sends texts, phone calls, and emails to parents.  Messages can range from details about events in the district to school closings.  
  • GES also uses FACEBOOK to reach parents, students, and community members about upcoming events.

Some events past/present that help increase parental involvement and build staff and parent capacity are listed below:

  • A table with a Title I representative was set up at Parent Open Houses and at all Parent Teacher Conferences to hand out information packets dealing with key issues such as How to Help Your Child Succeed in School, How to Help Your Child Study, etc.
  • Meetings that involve parents and students will be scheduled at various times to allow many opportunities for parents to be involved.
  • Guest speakers come to GES annually to speak to parents about topics such as:  grief, stress, and health care concerns to name a few.
  • A school-wide assembly for PC the Patrol Car is scheduled for the winter 2017 for parents and students to help be informed on the effects of drug use and how to say no.
  • Two parent teacher conferences are to be held this year on the following dates:  October 17, 2017 and February 15, 2018.   These conferences will help parents and teachers communicate on student needs and progress.  Parents will be given opportunities to participate in upcoming events.
  • The school will plan an upcoming meeting along with other schools in the district to report to the public stakeholders on statewide assessments, standards, and accountability measures as long as data from previous tests.
  • The school will hold an annual "pass the test" activity the week before state standardized tests to promote success and stress the importance of doing well.
  • Throughout the year, the school will encourage parents to participate in the following roles and activities to increase the involvement and support for student learning:'
  1. Reading buddies
  2. Mentors/Tutors
  3. Special Parent appreciation lunches
  4. book fair helpers
  5. awards day helpers
  6. Field Day helpers
  7. Open-House Volunteers

Our school will provide information to the parents and public about volunteer opportunities:

  • Our school will offer parent training meetings touching on topics such as drug prevention, grief and suicide prevention, homework strategies, safety in a rural area, and many more..
  • The schools in the district, GES, DES, and DMS and local pre-schools will hold annual transition conferences to help provide a smooth transfer from one school to the next.  These meetings will be individualized and will help raise parent awareness of each school's procedures and related activities.  Schools will also host orientations for students to allow them to tour facilities and host Open Houses to allow students and parents to meet staff.
  • Staff Development will be planned to trained in the area of parental involvement and host activities with parents to meet the minimum 2-Hour Professional Development criteria.
  • Information about volunteer opportunities will be available at all school events held outside the regular school day:  Ex:  Parent Teacher Conferences, Open House, Math/Literacy Night…
  • PTA will host a fall fundraiser, and will send home flyers allowing parents and guardians to sign up to volunteer and join PTA.

Each year at the end of the school year, school staff, parents and students will work together to develop a school-parent-student compact.  This compact will outline how parents, school staff, and students will share the responsibility for improving student achievement and student success.  Through several meetings, the committee can come up with a compact that will be posted as mission statements and visions in the school's handbook and the district's websites.

As in the past this year  the school has planned to organize several committees such as handbook committees, scheduling committees, and Title I and ACSIP committees.

The school has an organized Parent-Teacher Organization that helps foster parental and community involvement throughout the school year.  The organization will be made up of current parents and staff as well as community members and alumni of the school.

The school offers programs such as ABC Pre-School Program to give parents and students a chance at student achievement.

A resource center used to house parent materials such as magazines, books, etc. is a need that this school may address this year.  A room is on hand for a such center.  Volunteers and many planning meetings will need to be held to see this to the future.

Toshia Dillion, staff of GES, was designated to be the parent facilitator. Ms. Dillion  has and will continue to attend informative meetings and plan parental involvement trainings.

The school handbook communicates many things with parents and students such as how to define a problem, where to take concerns and whom to contact, and the process for developing concerns.

The school will use funds to purchase parent resources such as magazines, books, and other informative resources that will be placed in the school's library and hopefully a future parent resource center.

Surveys are sent out annually to parents and the information collected is used to develop future changes and additions to the school.

The school/district will hold an annual meeting to evaluate the Title I-Part A through an evaluation using the data from a needs-assessment survey filled out by stakeholders such as teachers, parents, and staff.  This survey will address such topics as:  needs of parents and students, effectiveness of current school programs and strategies, parent involvement in activities to support student academic success.

The results from parent interest surveys will drive many decisions at the school.  Decisions made on the effectiveness of programs, the elimination of some programs, planning of the parental involvement activities throughout the year, planning of professional development, and the editing of the the school's ACSIP plan will all involve data taken from parent interest surveys.

The school will hold an annual Title I Meeting for parents and students who participate in the Title I-Part A Program.  This meeting is held before the annual Open House Meeting in the Fall.  The sign-in sheet is retained for record of the event.  Parent informational packets are passed out and staff and parents are able to discuss types of services that a student can be a part of to help them succeed.