Customer and Employee Privacy Policy

Personal Information includes but is not limited to name, home address, home phone number, home email address, identity verification information, Social Security Number, physical description, age, gender, salary, education, professional designation, personal hobbies and activities, medical history, employment history, credit history, contents of resume, references, interview notes, performance review notes and emergency contact information.The Company will implement policies and procedures that give effect to this Privacy Policy including procedures to protect and secure Personal Information, procedures to receive, investigate and resolve complaints, procedures to ensure adequate training of the Staff concerning the Company's privacy policies, and procedures to distribute new and current information pertaining to the Company's Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy

  1. The Company and the Staff will at all times respect the confidentiality of the Personal Information placed in its care. The Company will endeavor to ensure that the policies affecting the collection, storage and disclosure of Personal Information reflect the confidential nature of the information.
  2. The Company will comply with all applicable privacy legislation and regulations in force now and in the future related to protecting the confidentiality of Personal Information.
  3. The Company only retains said Personal Information for its own purposes i.e; memberships, invitations, demographic profiling, marketing.
  4. Payments are processed through the secure, encrypted third party services of either or PayPal. The Customer’s Financial Information such as credit card or routing numbers are never accessible to any member of Bacchanalia Ltd’s staff.         
  5. Individuals may request Personal Information be removed from The Company records at any time for any reason.
  6. The Company will never distribute Personal Information to third parties, now, or ever.  Privacy Policy