APCSP Portfolio Site of Your Code Work

At the completion of this course, you should have several projects that prove your skill in computer science. Create a published google site (share this site with your non-Jeffco gmail acct) with a list of the following (mostly) REPL examples showing your code running correctly. You will display each of the following in a Gadget.

Site Pages List → What pages should be included in your Google Site?

  1. Index
  2. Programs → where you’ll display your repls, games, SQL db, etc
  3. Resume → languages, projects you’ve worked on either alone or as a team to solve a problem with computer science (your CS App Design Pitch will be the first one),
  4. Connect → mailto link,
  5. The Future of Computer Science → Construct several paragraphs explaining your outlook of Computer Science and how CS 1) is a part of your everyday life, 2) can help solve problems in the world, 3) how your knowledge of computer science has grown, and 4) where you see future trending in computer science going

PROJECT LIST → What Code Examples Should Be Listed to Run as Gadgets on Your Site?

  1. Py Timed Animation
  2. Game (most students used python or construct 2)
  3. Py Meat / Non-Meat Food List
  4. Py Magic Eight Ball randomizer
  5. Walk for All Registrant Database SQL or Python Organizer
  6. Probability Program → What is the probability of rolling a 4 on a 6-sided die
  7. CS App Design Pitch to Help Others Using CS

To create a gadget in your google site, follow the instructions to connect your repl in display-only mode

  1. Insert > more gadgets > featured
  2. Type “embed
  3. Click on “embed gadget
  4. Copy and paste the html share code from your repl
  5. Within the html share code, add the words &outputonly=1 before the end quotes
  6. Click ok

Dice Game??

These examples show your knowledge of the following elements of Computer Science inquiry: