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COVID-19 Policies

(Updated 7/24//22)

COVID-19 Policies include information, policy, and procedures developed and/or revised for KMS to comply with regulations and operate during the COVID-19 pandemic. These policies include optional mask wearing outdoors for children two years and older and strongly recommended mask wearing indoors for children and teachers/staff, hygiene, wellness, and sanitation practices as specified by the local health department, CDC, and Community Care Licensing (CCL).

Please note this document is subject to change as the policies will be modified and updated as guidelines continue to evolve. 

General Guidelines 

(Please make sure the mask is well fitting over the nose and mouth and comfortable for the child to wear, and you have practiced mask wearing at home. It is best to try a few and choose the one your child is most likely to wear)

Health Screening Policy 


All staff will follow the daily procedures before entering any KMS Facility as listed below:

Staff sanitize their hands and then will sign in at the start of their shift on the “Staff Self-Screening Checklist,” which includes the following screening information: 

Upon entering any KMS facility, staff will wash their hands following strict hand washing guidelines posted in each restroom. 

Staff will be observed and communicate for any signs of possible illness throughout the day. If staff exhibits or reports signs of illness (fever, cough, difficulty breathing, or other signs of illness), staff will be tested and then go home and not return until symptom-free. 


Please have your child (if masking) arrive at school wearing a clean, properly fitting mask. 

We request that parents/caregivers perform a health screening at home before coming to school, including taking the child's temperature. At drop-off, use the thermometer provided to take your child’s temperature.  Students with a temperature of 100.4 or higher cannot attend and must be taken home.  

Students will be monitored for any signs of possible illness throughout the day, including taking their temperature. If a student exhibits signs of illness, KMS will isolate the child from the general classroom population and immediately notify the parent/caregiver to pick up the child. An antigen test may be administered based on symptoms; staff will ask parents for permission over the phone. Each test administered at school will cost $10.00

School Visitors: 

All visitors, including for essential repairs or support specialists, will maintain a distance from the children. Each visitor will be screened before entering any KMS facility and required to wear a face covering at all times (indoors and out) and escorted by a KMS staff member.

For school tours, adults and children must wear a mask (indoors and out) when visiting KMS. Visitors will maintain distance from the children at all times. They must follow the procedures outlined above upon entering. 

Each visitor will be screened before entering any KMS facility and then escorted by a KMS staff member. 

Visitors will use hand sanitizer and sign in before entering any KMS Facility, which includes the following screening information: 


Visitors with a fever of 100.4 or above or other signs of illness will not be admitted to the facility. 

Drop-Off and Pick-up Procedures

Procedures:

Morning Sign-in:

Sick Child Policy

Please perform an at-home health screening each morning before bringing your child to school, including taking your child’s temperature. 

Do not bring your child to school if: 

Should a student become sick during the school day with any of the symptoms mentioned above, the student will be isolated from the general population. KMS staff will immediately notify the parent/caregiver to pick up the child. 

Suppose a child exhibits symptoms such as low-grade fever (below 100.4), unusual tiredness, continuous crying and/or irritability, or abdominal pain (nausea or bowel discomfort). In that case, staff will contact the parent/caregiver to inform and consult. If the child’s symptoms worsen, KMS staff will notify the parent/caregiver to pick up the child immediately. 

Children must remain at home until they have been symptom-free for at least  72 hours and/or have written authorization from their medical provider to return to school and/or a negative COVID test result.  Either document must be emailed to the school before your child returns to school. 

If your child has a confirmed case of COVID-19: 

Please notify us immediately if your child develops symptoms or tests positive for COVID. Please call the school phone number during school hours (8 am-5:45 pm). After school hours, please email the school.

If your child has a confirmed case of COVID-19, the return to school guidelines are as follows: 


KMS staff will attempt to space nap mats apart from each other and/or arrange the head of each bed alternately, in opposite directions (head to toe), to lessen the possible spread of illness between children from coughing or sneezing. When napping or resting, children will not wear their face masks. Staff observes children as they sleep, ensuring safety. 

Masking at KMS: 

KMS will be following our Contra Costa County masking guidelines. After March 11, 2022, CDPH Guidance for the Use of Face Masks strongly recommends that all individuals in child care settings use face masks indoors, regardless of vaccination status, to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The masking requirements could change again as case rates rise and lower, and we will continue to align with the CDPH and County guidelines. There may be a time when masks are again required outdoors and indoors for everyone, and we will keep families updated on any new guidance and changes. 

Following the CDPH guidelines, masks are required for those who had a known exposure to COVID-19 for ten days after the exposure. The exposed children/staff will be required to wear a mask indoors and outdoors for ten days from the date of exposure. After the ten days, masking would again be optional for children. 

In the interest of our community health and safety, a child is required to stay home if a household member/immediate caregiver tests positive for COVID-19. Child can return to care after the household member/caregiver tests negative for COVID, additionally the child will need a take an antigen test in the KMS office upon return and will need to mask for 10 days from last day of exposure ( Day 1 is the day the caregiver tested negative). Additionally if a child is able to isolate immediately after parent/caregiver tests positive, the child can return on the 4th day with a negative antigen test.

COVID-19 Communication Policy

Please notify us immediately if your child develops symptoms or tests positive for COVID. Notification should be sent to the school email.  Please call the school phone number during school hours (8 am-5:45 pm). 

KMS will maintain confidentiality on all KMS community-wide health updates at all times. 

COVID-19 Confirmed Case at KMS

If a confirmed COVID-19 case occurs for a KMS student or KMS staff member, we will follow the California Department of Public Health’s current guidelines for Individuals Exposed to COVID-19.

If a confirmed case of COVID has been reported, we will do the following:

Scenario 1:

If there is a confirmed case of COVID, we will notify families immediately, and no quarantine time will be implemented. The classroom/school will remain open. 

Scenario 2:

If there have been three or more confirmed cases of COVID within five days, we will notify families immediately. With multiple cases, this would be classified by the CDPH and Community Care Licensing as an outbreak, which requires additional monitoring and follow-up. 

If your child has a confirmed case of COVID-19: 

Please notify us immediately if your child develops symptoms or tests positive for COVID. Please call the school phone number during school hours (8 am-5:45 pm). After school hours, please email the school.

If your child has a confirmed case of COVID-19, the return to school guidelines are as follows: 


Travel Guidelines: 

For travel on public transportation (plane, bus, train) or travel in high-risk situations, KMS strongly recommends testing your child before returning to school. We also recommend testing between days 3-5 after travel and monitoring for COVID symptoms. Please be mindful of returning to school after being in a high-risk situation and keeping our community as safe as possible. 

Teacher and Staff Preventative Measures:

All staff and teachers are on a regular preventive COVID-19 testing schedule and will continue to test regularly.

All staff and teachers must be up to date and fully vaccinated against COVID-19. We are currently in the process of completing the booster for teachers based on eligibility.

We ask our families to respect that moving forward; some staff members will choose to unmask, while others will continue to wear a mask. Our staff members have different comfort levels and different health circumstances. We want to ensure we support their decision to protect their health and what works best for them. 

Cleaning, Sanitizing & Disinfecting Policy

Cleaning means removing dirt, dust, and sticky substances by washing, wiping, scrubbing, or mopping hard surfaces with soap, detergent, and water.  KMS Staff will practice cleaning tables, materials, floors, mats, play equipment, counters, and shelves. 

Sanitizing means killing germs at a level that reduces the risk of becoming ill from contact with germs on the surface.  KMS Staff will practice routine sanitizing on food contact surfaces (dishes, utensils, cutting boards, tables), materials and toys that children may place in their mouths, and any mixed-use tables.  

Disinfecting means destroying almost all germs that could make a person sick.  KMS Staff will practice routine disinfecting in toileting areas and high-touch areas that collect a lot of germs (bathroom faucets and counters, diaper changing tables, toilet seats, sinks used in toileting routines, and doorknobs).

KMS will also provide daily additional cleaning/sanitizing for 2-3 hours per day to include: 

Thank you for following these guidelines and for your cooperation and commitment to the safety of our children, staff, and greater community!