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1.        Authority

        SC 433, 601, 664,


The budget shall be designed to reflect the Board's goals and objectives concerning the education of District students. Therefore, the budget shall be organized and planned to ensure adequate understanding of the financial needs associated with program support and development. The financial requirements of District programs shall be reviewed on a continual basis.

2.        Guidelines

A system of budgeting has been adopted for use in the Governor Mifflin School District. The budgeting system shall be supported by an accounting structure organized and operated on a fund basis with a self-balancing set of accounts.

3.        Delegation of         Responsibility

The Superintendent shall determine the manner in which the annual District budget is to be compiled and issue instructions to the staff. S/He shall also establish a time schedule for the preparation of the budget to be known as the "budget calendar."

Each principal shall, with the assistance of his/her teachers and department chairs, prepare an estimate of his/her school needs and submit the estimate to the Superintendent as per deadlines established by the budget calendar.

To meet the objectives of this policy, the Board directs the Superintendent to:

  1. Include an estimated annual cost for implementation of the District's educational program.

  1. Prepare a long range plan for annual maintenance and replacement of facilities.

  1. Prepare a plan for current and future technology needs.

  1. Maintain an inventory and replacement schedule of all District equipment.

  1. Establish a projected budget of expenditures and income for the current year and ensuing year.

  1. Prepare an annual estimate of anticipated school enrollments.

  1. Maintain a plan of anticipated revenues based on changes in state and federal legislation.

  1. Report to the Board any serious financial implications arising from the budget plan.

School Code

433, 601,

664, 687

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