General Rules


1.2 Unfair Play

1.3 Entry

Competition Rules



Pre Match


During The Match

Bot Conduct

Game States

Loss Conditions

A Draw


  1. General Rules

  1. Conduct

All creators of bots (‘authors’) are asked to behave in a respectable manner towards each other as well as Tournament Officials. Insults, vulgarity, and harassment of any kind are strictly prohibited and will result in expulsions from the competitions and/or future competitions.

1.2 Unfair Play

Upon discovery of any author committing any violations regarded as unfair play, the offending player; at the sole discretion of the Tournament Director, may receive a warning, a forfeit loss, or be disqualified from the tournament.  Prize money may also be deducted as a % of the offending teams at the sole discretion of the Tournament Director in accordance with any policies that already exist.

During the course of the competitions, the Tournament Director may determine other actions to embody unfair play. Unfair play refers to but is not limited to:

1.3 Entry

Authors or teams may submit a total of 1 bot per competition.  Teams of Authors may not have authors who have worked on additional bots submitted into the current competition. Authors will be required to submit their source code and disclose any code they may have used from widely available sources. The code will not be made public and is used only to check against plagiarism.  An entry is considered incomplete if the source cord is not submitted.

1.3.1 Previous Season Authors

Previous authors whose bots made it to the semi-finals and above will receive a reserved entry into the competition. If a previous season’s author doesn’t register 48 hours before registration closing that spot will be forfeit and allow for open entry.

  1. Competition Rules

  1. Format

Group Stage

  • Swiss Bracket
  • Best of 1

Elimination Stage

  • Single Elimination
  • [Round of 8] Best of 3
  • [Sem-Finals] Best of 5
  • [Grand Finals] Best of 7
  1. Maps

All matches except the finals are played on a randomly chosen map.

This process is repeated after each game until a winner of the match is determined.  No map may be played more than once in a match.   No map will be considered to have been used in a game that is forfeited.

The Finals will allow for 1 vetoed map from each Author.

Tournament Map Pool

Note: Stasis LE has been removed due to unpathable for air units

  1. Pre Match

Only during the Elimination Stage, prior to round 1 of the bracket commencing, bots may be modified and resubmitted prior to the submissions deadline.

A resubmitted bot is required to adhere to the following guidelines

  1. Resubmission Guidelines


A bot must remain the same race it was first submitted to the tournament, this also includes if a bot plays random race selection.

Coding Library 

A bot must retain the same coding libraries it was originally submitted in. A Bot’s library may be updated but not removed.

Example: If a bot was submitted using C# it cannot be submitted in PySC2

Documentary & Source Code

Resubmissions must be accompanied with source code and a changelog. A changelog in a  text file labeled “changelog”  will layout in laymen, the changes made. It may state broadly or specifically at the Author’s discretion. Keep in mind use of too board terms such as “fixed a bug” can lead to further inquiry. Sourcecodes and changelogs are used for broadcast and administrative purposes only and are not released to the general public.

  1. Challenge & Rejection

Tournament Organizer at their discretion may inquire for further explanation or documentation on changes to resubmission bots. Bots that do not meet the resubmission criteria will be rejected. On a case, by case basis, an author of a rejected bot may be offered the options to resubmit a bot that meets criteria, continue the competition with the last approved version of their bot or withdraw from the tournament entirely.

  1. Settings


Category = Melee

Mode = 1v1

Game Speed = Fastest

  1. During The Match

  1. Bot Conduct

Bots conduct during competition must adhere to the following:


Bots are allowed to send in-game messages provided

  1. The language used would be considered safe and appropriate for a competitive environment (left to organizer’s discretion)
  2.  The messages sent in succession do not exceed more than 4 lines within a cooldown timer of 1 minute

Bug exploit

Bots must not take advantage of any documented or undocumented exploit in the StarCraft 2 engine or its maps.

Intentional Pausing

Bots may not engage in pausing the game for any reason.

  1. Game Crashing

If a game crashes for unknown reasons the game will be replayed, if a bot is discovered the source of the crashing refer to rule 2.6.1

  1. Game States

  1. Loss Conditions

A match has been considered a loss if one or more of the following conditions are met

  1. A Draw

A Draw may occur one or more of the following conditions (not limited to).

In the instance of a draw, a game is replayed. In the instance where a game is a draw more than twice in a row the following may happen at the producer's discretion

  1. Acknowledgment

By participating in the ESChamp ProBots Competition,  you acknowledge you have read all rules and agree to the terms and conditions.