Fog Machine

1. Fill The Tank With Fog Fluid.

**Never Turn The Machine On Without Fluid In The Tank

2. Plug Into Power Source.

3. Connect The Manual Fog Controller To The Back Of The Machine.

4. Place Machine Level At Desired Location.

**Do Not Tilt At Angles

5. Machine Takes 5 Min To Warm Up Before Dispensing Fog With The Controller.

6. Every 20 Min Of Use Check The Tank And Add More Fog Fluid As Needed.

7. Enjoy!

Snow Machine Instructions:

1. Fill The Tank With Snow Fluid.

**Never Turn The Machine On Without Fluid In The Tank**

2. Plug Into Power Source.

3. Connect The Snow Output Controller To The Back Of The Machine.

4. Place Machine In Desired Stable Location.

**Do Not Tilt At An Angle More Than 15⁰

**Best Results Achieved If Placed At Least 15 Feet Off The Ground

5. Turn Machine Power Switch To The “On” Position.

6. Turn The Controller Switch To The “On” Position.

7. Adjust Setting Of Output For Desired Snow Effect Using The Controller. The Machine Will

Need Roughly 30 Sec To Warm Up.

8. Every Hour Check The Tank And Add More Snow Fluid As Needed.

9. Enjoy!

Popcorn Machine Instructions:

1. Plug Machine Into Electrical Outlet

2. Turn On Kettle Switches Located Inside The Top Left Of The Machine

3. Preheat Kettle for 3-4 Minutes

4. Cut Top Edge Of Handi Pack-Empty All Contents Into Kettle

5. Immediately After Popping Stops Empty Kettle

6. Enjoy!

Sno-Cone Machine Instructions:

1. Load Hopper With Ice

2. Close Flusher Handle

3. Turn Power Switch To “On” Position

4. Apply Downward Pressure On Pusher Handle While Holding Red Momentary Shave

Ice Switch

5. Do Not Lift The Pusher Handle Until the Motor Is Off And The Shaver Head Is Stopped

6. Enjoy!

Cotton Candy Machine Instructions:

1. Place Machine On A Flat/Stable Surface

2. Plug Machine Into The Proper Receptacle

3. Loosen Screws On Either Side Of The Machine.

4. Before Turning On The Motor Switch, And With The Spinner Head Stationary, Fill Floss Head

About 90% Full With Sugar. DO NOT OVERFILL! Whenever You Add Sugar To The Floss Head,

Always Fill It To About 90% Full. This Is Necessary To Obtain A Balanced Condition In The

Floss Head, Or Excessive Vibration Will Occur. Never Add Sugar When Motor Is Running. After

Adding Floss Sugar, Manually Spin Head To Balance.

5. Turn The Motor Switch To The “ON” Position.

6. Turn The Heat Switch To The “ON” Position.

7. After The Machine Begins To Make Cotton Candy, Adjust The Heat Control Down To Achieve

Desired Production. NOTE: IF The Heat Control Setting Is Too High, The Machine Will “Smoke”.

If The Setting Is Too Low, Poor Production Will Result.


The Sugar All The Way Out Before Turning The Heat Switch Off.

9. When Finished Making Cotton Candy, And With No Sugar Left In The Floss Head, Turn The

Heat Control To The Highest Setting. Operate For 1-2 Minutes On The High Setting.

10. Next, Turn The Heat Switch To The “OFF” Position, And Allow The Motor To Run For

Approximately 30 Seconds Before Turning The Motor Switch “OFF”. This Burnout” Procedure

Will Remove Any Excess Sugar On the Floss Ribbons And Band, And Prevents Heavy Carbon

Build Up.

11. Tighten Screws On Either Side Of The Machine Before Transporting.

12. Following The Above Procedures Will Extend The Life Of The Machine And Prevent Costly


13. Enjoy!

Chocolate Fountain

1.          Set the chocolate fountain base on a sturdy, level surface to begin. Uneven sheeting of chocolate over the
        fountain tiers is usually the result of the chocolate fountain not standing level.

2.          Pick up the main column and tier assembly and line up the 4 receiving tubes at the bottom of the column
        with the 4 pegs in the bowl portion of the base. Slowly work the column down until it is securely attached to
        the base.

3.          After the base and tiers are attached, you can insert the stainless-steel auger. Give a slight turn to the
        auger until you feel the slot on the bottom of the auger lock into place on the drive key in the center of the

4.          Use a level to ensure the top of the fountain is completely level.

5.          Set the temperature controls to 250 degrees and press the switch to the lower level to preheat the bowl.

6.          See instructions on the Sir Chocolate Fondue Bags to begin heating the chocolate in the microwave.

7.          Once the chocolate fountain, and bag chocolate is fully heated, pour the chocolate into the basin and turn
        on the augur by pressing the switch to the top position.


It is not necessary to clean the fountains. If you would like to save the remaining chocolate, remove the tiers and auger after you have to switch off the motor and heat. Pour the chocolate into a container. Please do not attempt to clean the tiers, auger, or bowl – simply recover with a plastic bag and place back into the carrying cases once the extra chocolate is emptied. Do not turn the motor back on after the chocolate has hardened this will damage the motor. If you would like to use the fountain again after the chocolate has hardened turn only the heat on until the chocolate is melted.


Q:    What kind of chocolate will work with our fountains?

A:     We recommend using Event Rentals chocolate, which is specially formulated to work in chocolate       fountains and requires no mixing. If chocolate other than ours is used – vegetable oil will be needed to give the chocolate an even consistency. A good estimate of oil needed is ½ cup for every 5 lbs. of chocolate.

Q:    Why is chocolate flowing only to one side of the fountain?

A:            It is very important that the fountain is leveled BEFORE you pour the chocolate in. Level the fountain using the feet that screw up and down. If you already have the chocolate flowing, survey the chocolate in the bowl and see which way the chocolate is leaning, adjust the legs accordingly until the chocolate flows correctly.

Q:    Why is the fountain not flowing evenly?

A:    Possible air pockets are in the auger tube and the fountain must be “burped.” Turn the fountain off for 45 seconds and turn back on.

Q:    How much chocolate is required to run the fountain?

A:    The 27” Fountain can run on 5 lbs. of chocolate. The 35” Fountain can run on 10 lbs. of chocolate.

Q:    How much chocolate will the fountains hold?

A:    The 27” Fountain has a capacity of 10 lbs. The 35” has a capacity of 20 lbs.

Q:    What happens if someone drops something into the fountain such as a strawberry or pretzel?

A:    There is a gap at the bottom of the chocolate tiers. This will hold the item behind the chocolate sheet until the event is over.