hello, Visual Architect.

Off-Kilter is an intimate movement of artists, designers, and seekers of individual truth. It's a space where all bodies, ideas, and passions can find representation. Off-Kilter is a collective of difference fueled by forward thinking and an exploration of what it means to be a working artist.

Off-Kilter has two current publications: Off-Kilter Magazine and Kizer Quarterly.

Off-Kilter Magazine is a cultural arts publication in production from March to June.

 Kizer Quarterly is published seasonally and focuses on men's fashion and lifestyle.

Our website will be updated frequently with new faces, locations, and visuals that inspire us and our readers. Our stories will be published online with weekly additions. In this day & age, digital is on the rise, with audiences desiring easily accessible and fresh content. We want to move with our environment, but with intention. The quality of our  stories and content is important to us. Art takes time, and we understand the difficulty of keeping up with the demands of  a fast-paced world. We want to bridge this gap between the intentionally fast and slow. We desire to update digitally as we go, but deliver a strong, mindfully developed print product.

As a Visual Architect, you will be building and updating Ok’s  Visual features page. This page features contemporary artists who are in progress with or have completed a recent project. You will be researching, finding, and reaching out to artists you believe demonstrate Ok’s values. Reaching out entails crafting professional emails detailing who we are and why we want to feature the particular artist. We anticipate our Visual page becoming primarily submission based, and you will then manage submissions; selecting those who represent our values, scheduling features, and requesting further information about the artists. With this information, you will write a description of the artist and their work. This could include a few direct quotes from a Q&A.  The feature will also be translated over to three instagram posts, displaying images from the artist’s project and pulls from the full lenght write up.



Desired but not required

You inspire us. And we want you to feel a part of us and be aware of how meaningful your work is to us and our community.