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STEM Summer Challenge Overview
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District 75 STEM Summer Challenge

Reimagine Your World


An exciting summer STEM adventure awaits! This year, District 75 students are invited to reimagine their world through a series of challenges, fun projects and exploration. The challenges are connected to meaningful instructional goals that will empower students to impact the world around them- even if it’s from their own home.

There are 6 challenge themes, each with 3 levels. And while we created a guiding calendar you can use for each week, it is meant to give you the freedom to choose 1, 2, or even all 6 challenges. You decide what fits your instructional needs. To further allow for differentiation, each theme is broken into 3 levels. These are not meant to be sequential but rather based on the skill level that may be appropriate for your students. You can decide based on grade level, population, or interest. You can have multiple levels within one class.

The activities we share are just suggestions of how to meet that standard. We offer alternative activities if you need them, and you are free to find a related activity using hands-on materials or a digital platform (Nearpod, Minecraft: EE, etc.) that your students are familiar with.

There is a document for each theme that contains an essential question, video examples of each leveled activity, supporting documents for each activity, related virtual field trips, a submission zone and additional resources and instructional materials that you can connect to the topic.

Submission Instructions

When students have completed a challenge, they (or the teacher) can submit it.


STEM Challenge Flipgrid

Go to the STEM Summer Flipgrid. Make sure to select the appropriate topic for your submission at the top or select it directly below.  For information, you can follow the Getting Started Guide.

STEM Challenge Wakelet

You can go to the STEM Challenge Wakelet to access materials and find links to the individual submission Wakelet boards or you can go to each individually to submit below. You can learn more about Wakelet by either downloading the Educator’s Guide or watch some Wakelet help videos.


If you have any questions or need clarification please contact Sean Arnold or any member of the STEM team.