ICP would like to wish the Peoria Muslim Community and the entire Muslims nation a blessed Ramadan. May Allah accept your prayers, Quran recitation, donations, Duaa, and all your acts of worship.


Here is detailed description of the arrangement for this coming Ramadan (Insha'Allah) regarding:


Iqamah Times:

*Fajr             4:45am

Dhohar         1:30pm

Asr               6:15pm

Maghrib           10 minutes after Adhan

*Isha             9:45pm, followed by Taraweeh


*Fajr and *Isha will change from

Ramadan 11-20 to 4:30am and 9:55pm

Ramadan 21-30 to 4:15am and 10:05pm


Taraweeh (Khatm Quran and Khatira):

·             Finishing Quran in Ramadan during Isha and Taraweeh prayer Insha’Allah




I’tikaf during last 10 days

Insha'Allah I'tikaf arrangements will be made during last 10 days of Ramadan

Please contact Imam Burhan (imam@icpeoria.org) or Br. Muhammad Yousaf (president@icpeoria.org) if you are planning to make I’tikaf at ICP


Breaking Fast (Iftaar):

Breaking fast for brothers and sisters will be in the basement banquet hall

Water and dates will be served in basement banquet hall at both the brothers' and sisters' entrances

No food or drink is allowed in the Mussalla


Iftar/Dinner Days:


Gym Usage:


Playground Usage:


Baby Strollers:


Babysitting Arrangements (For Mothers Only):



We’d like to thank the community for following the building rules and regulations. Just a friendly reminder:


Reminders (please):





We are open for any suggestions and help. Please feel free to contact us for providing any suggestions and/or help.