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The meeting is hosted by CCA at the Simons Foundation Flatiron Institute.

The Flatiron District, named after the historical landmarks of the Flatiron Building and hosting Madison Square Park, is a lively historical site in NYC with many amenities!

Most convenient hotels are a few blocks up, north of Medison Sq Park which is a great area for Korean food for example (with Korean town just north of 30th )

A few block south, in the single digit streets and up to 17th you are in Union Sq, the NYU campus area, and the East and West Village. Here (as really in most NYC areas) you can find everything from cheap to fancy restaurant including a few of my (Fed’s) favorites:

Fed’s favorites (disclaimer: Fed likes to treat herself with food, like a proper Italian, so a lot of these things are not on the cheap side…)

Many mediterranean and Italian (e.g. as one of many!) and the famous American $1 pizza places ( ) or if you are more into Italian original pizza or

Also famous cocktail palces like and beer bars like 

For coffee (I always need to know about coffee places wherever I go!) try for a small italian owned if you are into espresso, or Bluebottle (SF company) just across the street. Actually IMO (still Fed here) the best cappuccino in town is in a little Indonesian delightful restaurant called Kopi Kopi

There are a couple of nice food courts.

Lastly: for the vegans with a large wallet a very fancy delicious (expensive) vegan restaurant called Nix . For the gluten free try Senza Gluten