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CARALearn Self Help
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Having Problems with the Course?

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Logging In

Enter the username and password provided in the email you received from the Association. Please note, this is NOT the same as the username and password you use to access the Pillar 9, or REALTOR Link® unless you changed it. If you are not sure or cannot remember, click on the link as shown in the diagram. Then follow the instructions on the next page.

Problems with the Player

Most problems with the player are caused by browser settings. While we do test the course on all the major internet browsers and various devices, we recommend Google Chrome for the course. Please use the latest version. You can find a copy HERE.

The player requires cookies to be enabled on your browser. To verify they are, go HERE. If not, and you require assistance with this, follow this LINK.

Occasionally, you may not be able to advance to the next Module. This is usually caused by caching on your internet browser. Basically, it is showing you a copy of the website instead of the actual website. This is an easy fix. Go to THIS LINK.

When All Else Fails

If none of the above works or you are not comfortable doing it yourself, please reach out to us using the SUPPORT LINK at the top of the course page or go to THIS LINK. We respond to support requests between 7:00 AM and 10:00 PM Mountain Time and generally within an hour.

Please do NOT contact the Association office for technical assistance with the course.