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CV Eduardo Ferro Aldama Public
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Eduardo Ferro Aldama

Address: Madrid / Spain
Birth date: 5 Oct, 1974


Platform Engineering Manager (Apr 2020-Now)

fully remote

VP Platform Engineering (Aug 2019 - Mar 2020)

Nextail Labs

fully remote / >30% Hands On.

As responsible for the platform department I was in charge of leading all cross-cutting efforts aimed at:

- Improving the development experience of the product/engineering team.

- Enable functional squads to efficiently develop their work (using a self-service platform).

- Establish the technological and architectural bases of our platform (app framework, monitoring, scheduling, observability, domain events).

- Generate the necessary tools for the nextail operations and services team (including operational dashboards, operational DBs, automation of operational tasks).

Additionally, I acted as an Engineering Manager for the team (6 Engineers) (1on1s, motivation, mentoring, performance reviews) and as Product Manager for some of the initiatives.

These team effort has enabled us:

- Allow nextail to professionalize Operations and On-Call support.

- Improve overall system performance and resource utilization.

- Reduce cloud costs (by more than 25%).

- Reduce the toil in the engineering department dramatically.

Technologies: AWS (EC2, EKS k8s, Aurora RDS), Kafka, Redis, Python, RoR, Go, Immutable infrastructure, Infrastructure as code (terraform), Prometheus, Datadog, Grafana.

VP Engineering (Feb 2018 - Aug 2019)

Nextail Labs

fully remote / >10% HandsOn.

As responsible for the engineering team, I was in charge of doubling the size of the team and grow from a group of very talented engineers to a product delivery organization with shared practices and values and organize in squads aligned with the fast scalability need of the business.

This goal required:

- Hire and onboard 13 engineers

- Introduce better testing and development practices with Continuous Delivery as our goal.

- Help with the creation of the Product team and with the definition/introduction of the Product delivery processes.

- Improve the resiliency and stability of the platform (Incident management process, infrastructure as code, k8s migration, improved observability, and monitoring)

- Act as a technical reference regarding cloud-native designs, scalability, splitting the monolith, and so on.

- Act as an Engineering Manager for the team (+20 engineers) (1on1s, motivation, mentoring, performance reviews).

This team effort has enabled us:

- Changing our strategy toward whales (clients x10 in size).

- Deliver new features and modules (each squad autonomously).

- Improve our stability and introduce enterprise-grade SLAs.

- Reduce the number of production incidents drastically.

Technologies: AWS (EC2, EKS k8s, Aurora RDS), Redis, Python, RoR, Go, Immutable infrastructure, Infrastructure as code (terraform), Prometheus, Datadog, Grafana.

Lead Developer - Agile Facilitator/Instigator  / Head of Tech (Nov 2015 - Feb 2018)

Partially remote / >40% Hands on.

Software development as a Senior Tech Lead for a cloud-native video ad creation platform.

As responsible for the architecture of the platform, I helped to create an evolutionary architecture for the product (implemented using ideas from DDD, microservices, reactive systems, cloud-native design).

- Architecture and practices optimized for:

- Elasticity ranging from 40 to more than 2000 machines.

- Continuous delivery, rapid changes, and evolution

- Fault tolerance and high availability

- Autonomous teams and independent deployment

Advocate and change agent for the introduction of XP and modern agile values and practices (TDD, continuous delivery, infrastructure as code, collective ownership, emergent and straightforward design, courage, clean code). Working as a practitioner and also mentoring the team.

Technologies: AWS (ECS, ECR, EC2, Kinesis, SQS, S3, Dynamodb... ), Python, Go, Docker, SOLID, hexagonal architecture, Immutable infrastructure, Infrastructure as code (cloud formation, ansible).

Growing a group of very talented engineers to become an agile team with shared practices and values that cares deeply about the product and platform that we are building.

Lead Software Developer / Head of Dev/Product Department 2012-2016 Jan

Alea Soluciones

Software/System development for the telecommunication industry (FTTH/GPON, Docsis/HFC, VoIP, etc) (Provisioning, monitoring, OSS/BSS, etc.)

Extreme Programming practitioner (TDD, Pair programming, Continuous Integration, Simple design (and organic growth), Continuous Delivery, Refactor/ Continuous design improvement, OO, Clean Code, SOLID, Domain Driven Design, Services Architecture.

An advocate of Software Craftsmanship. DevOps practitioner. Retrospective facilitator. Technologies: Python, Go, Docker, RabbitMQ, Redis, Puppet, Ansible, Docker, PostgresSQL, GNU/Linux, MySQL

I suggest and build the initial team (initial selection, culture, technical practices, principles, and values). Later, slowly, the team has maturated and I have delegated a lot of the work/decision, so nowadays we are an empowered agile team with a shared vision about the products we build and support.

Gnu/Linux Expert - New Products R & D 2007-2012

Alea Soluciones

Creation/modification of Gnu/Linux systems for telecommunication environments (HFC networks, Docsis, QoS, IP Traffic Control, VoIP, SIP, digital TV, Internet Access). Creating a GNU/linux distro with more than 150 modified/created packages (deb). Install/Rescue system and utilities for our distro and servers. This distro is used by more than 100 customers. Software development for docsis provisioning, a gateway for DVB-C Conditional Access provisioning, Cisco-like cli interpreter, Asterisk patches for PacketCable NCS, Pay per View Digital TV platform, etc... Internal bugfixes and patches for open source apps (iscdhcp, atftp, docsis, asterisk, ...)

I have started several projects to lower the operating cost of these servers:

- Configuration management solution (evaluation, selection, initial deployment).

- Local and Remote monitoring (evaluation, selection, initial deployment) and integration with our systems (snmp agents, ipmi utilities, nagios and zenoss plugins and commands, etc...). R&D for new products (interactive TV, monitoring, Video on demand, auto-adaptation ip traffic rules,....)

Scrum Team member

Technologies: Python, C, C++, Shell, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Django, couchdb, RabbitMQ, Soap, Corba, GNU/Linux, Puppet, Bacula, Zenoss, Nagios, Asterisk, ISC-DHCP/DNS

Freelance Technology Consultant (2007) Freelance

Technology Consultant for Software Architectures, Gnu/linux Systems, software development, including agile methods support/implantation.

POS Software Architect 2006-2007 DIA SA

Architecture of the Shop software system, including POS functions, back office and interfaces with the Dia Enterprise Systems.

Including: - Partitioning and layering - i18n l10n - Middleware - Persistence - Development Tools - Tool integration for Development Methods

Technologies: OOA/OOD, Patterns, UML, C++, Python, MySQL, GNU/Linux

Lead programmer 2002-2006 DIA,SA

Lead programmer of the store merchandise management development team. Use Cases, Object-Oriented Analysis/Design, team management. -Merchandise management (accounting) -Automatic orders of merchandise -Physical merchandise inventory Technologies: OOA/OOD, Patterns, UML, C++, Python, MySQL, GNU/Linux

Polar SHS Senior Developer (Polar SHS 2002-2002)

Senior developer in a team for multimedia services invoicing.

Technologies: OOA/OOD, Patterns, C++, Oracle, Sun Solaris, CVS, Telefónica I+D Framework for Invoicing prepayment.

Software Engineer at SICE (1999-2002)

Senior developer for Free flow / Dynamic tolling systems.

Technologies: OOA/OOD, Patterns, C++, C, Python, Gtk, Motif, Real Time programming, GNU/Linux Kernel Modules, Hardware drivers, HP-UX, GNU/Linux, Lynx RT, Oracle, CVS, Rational Rose, Rational Requisite Pro, Tibco Rendezvous, High Availability Systems, Clustering. Software Architecture design.

System/Network admin (ISI 1998 - 1999) (PWC project)

Data center, network, installation, and administration, beginning from the scratch. Implantation of the infrastructure for SAP/R3 system for "Terra Mítica" thematic park. Technical support for 60-70 users. Technologies: Cisco Systems, HP Systems, HP AutoRAID Disks Arrays, DLT Robot, HP-UX, Oracle, SAP, Lotus Domino, HP-OpenView, Shell Scripting, SQL, jobs automatization, Win NT.

University Teacher (Deusto University 1997 - 1998)

University Teacher of practices for all of the courses of the department of programming and computer languages (C, Pascal, C++, Java).

Developer (CEINSA, IT-Deusto Group 1997 - 1997)

Technologies: UNIX (AIX / HP-UX), Oracle, SQL, C, ProC, Shell Script, CVS, Makefiles, Visual C++ Win32 for the frontend.


1997 - 1998 DESI (Internet/Intranet Solutions) Master, Deusto University

1992 - 1997 Computer Science, Deusto University


Other information

Speaker in conferences and local meetups

Attendee and speaker in other open spaces and conferences (DeveloperOS 20, DeveloperOS 17, AOS14-17, Socrates Canarias, etc.) Member of some local meetups (MadridAgil, Craftsmanship Madrid, GoMad, Python Madrid, MadScalability, etc).