Parent Privacy Notice

How we use the personal information of prospective / current families.

Cheadle Hulme School needs to collect and use the personal information relating to parents, carers and/or guardians (referred to in this notice as “parents”), to provide education and related services to their child/children.

All data held by the School is processed within the Data Protection Principles (of the Data Protection Act 1998 and as regulations change) and is treated with the utmost respect for individual rights. We will always be transparent about what information we hold and how this information will be used - with our policy and fair processing notices being kept up-to-date on; previous versions can be obtained by contacting  The School takes the security of personal information seriously and has appropriate technical and organisational measures in place to ensure that all personal information is kept secure, accurate and up to date.  

Building a shared sense of a “Waconian community” sits at the heart of this mission and our various initiatives to provide a diverse programme of parent events, communications and fundraising.  We will let parents know whether they are required to provide certain information to us for their contract, and whether this is optional. Anyone who is concerned about the use of their information, can contact to discuss those concerns.

The School takes the security of personal information seriously and has appropriate technical and organisational measures in place to ensure that all personal information is kept secure, accurate and up to date.  

More detail about the use of personal information in the School is included in the following sections.

What personal information do we collect about parents?

We process information including name, contact details, occupation and areas of interest, event attendance history, any record of donations, other family details (such as the number of children they have), media articles, relationships to the School and other constituents (such as the Parents Association), a record of communications sent by us, and details of any volunteering done on behalf of the School.

As we are an independent School, we need certain financial information about parents in order to ensure that School fees are paid. This includes keeping a record of payment history and in some cases, we may get information about parents from third parties such as previous schools, credit reference agencies or courts. We will require more detailed financial information from parents of pupils who are in receipt of, or have applied to receive, financial assistance from the School. This is because we need to ensure that they are awarded fairly to pupils according to the relevant criteria.  We will store this financial information until the pupils leave the School and any outstanding fees are paid.

If parents choose to pay fees and other remittances to us by Direct Debit, we will request information on account holders, and to enable us to process the payment it will be necessary for the School to share this information with Bacs and the bank.  If parents send the School cheques, it will be necessary for this to be shared with the bank, but we will not store the bank details in School.  It will be necessary for the School to share debit and/or credit card information with the bank when parents request to make payments to the School in this way.

How do we collect personal information about parents?

Personal information about families is collected initially through an enquiry and then through a Pupil Application Form.  We will use this information to tailor our admissions/conversion activities and once an offer has been accepted an Acceptance Form will be issued to verify personal information which has been collected, and to agree to certain terms and conditions of a place in the School.  Whilst the majority of personal information provided to us is necessary for the admissions contract we have with parents and to ensure that all relevant legal obligations of the School are complied with, some of it is provided to us on a voluntary basis to help us achieve our mission so we will let you know this on the forms.

We will invite parents to a series of welcome events and we will use the personal information to set their child/children up as a pupil in the School; with contact information for their parents which can be used to help fulfil our pastoral care role, or in an emergency.  See here for some examples of the forms we will ask to be filled out.  Information may subsequently be obtained throughout our relationships with parents during the ordinary course of interactions and communications with families (e.g. to register feedback, suggestions, concerns or complaints, through engagement at School events and trips, to register a pupil for Wraparound Care or School Holiday Clubs, and in some instances, information will be obtained from the School’s archives and records, or occasionally from publicly available records).

Information is also collected when parents (including prospective parents) register for an event (e.g. an Open Day), make a donation to the School or otherwise provide us with personal information. Tools may be used to help us improve the effectiveness of the School’s communications with parents, including tracking whether the emails we send are opened and which links are clicked within a message. We also track website visits and use analytical and tracking tools, such as Google Analytics and website cookies built into our website, to improve their online experiences.

We may use tools to help us understand our parent-body characteristics by gathering information from publicly available resources (e.g. social media content, the electoral register, press) to evaluate possibilities to support the legitimate interests of the School - such as seeking details for parents who could contribute their expertise in delivering lectures, mentoring individuals or offering work placements.


We operate CCTV on School premises for the safety of our pupils, staff and visitors. This footage is stored for a maximum period of one calendar month before being securely destroyed and will only be stored for a longer period where we have encountered an incident which necessitates the retention of that footage for administrative or legal purposes.


We may occasionally capture images of parents at School events but we will always inform individuals that photographs are being taken and what they will be used for, so there is an opportunity to opt out of such activities.

How will we use and share parents’ information?

All personal information provided is stored on the School’s main administration system, online portal systems other cloud storage platforms, and will be used for purposes directly related to the interests of running the School (see below for examples). Any information held will not be disclosed to external organisations other than those acting as agents for the School, for example - the CHS Parents Association or mailing houses which print and mail School publications. Depending on the scale and complexity of the data sharing, a Data Sharing/Processing Agreement may be put in place - more information about this process can be found in our Data Sharing Statement.  

In accordance with our legal obligations, it may be necessary for us to share information with local authorities (for example if families claim Early Years Funding or qualify for Pupil Premium), the Independent Schools Inspectorate and the Department for Education, for example, where we have any safeguarding concerns.  Personal information will not be transferred to any countries outside of the European Economic Area without adequate security (e.g. Privacy Shield).

On occasion, we may need to share information with the police or our legal advisers; and we have to share some information with our insurance company, for example, where there is a serious incident at the School.

We may communicate with parents in person, by phone, email and postal mail, except where they have expressed a preference not to be contacted in a specific way (for example, if they don’t want to be contacted for fundraising purposes).

It is necessary that we have an up to date and accurate record of each pupil’s family circumstances. This may include who the pupil resides with, where the pupil lives, what a pupil’s parents’ occupation is, any court orders concerning the family, and any safeguarding information, including whether anyone living with the pupil has a criminal record. We will collect this information when families first apply for a place at the School and we will ask parents to check and confirm that this information is still up to date periodically.  Parents must notify us as soon as possible if any of this information changes.

Personal information may also be used for the following:

to securely run our Parent Portal;

the sending of emails about a child/children, which may be tracked and stored and analysed to ensure that we are better able to tailor our communications;

the notification of School events;

to respond to any questions, suggestions, concerns or complaints parents have contacted us about;

to tell parents about any changes to our policies. For example, if we change our privacy policy or our terms and conditions;

the distribution of promotional publications from the School, such as the parent magazines; and the Friday Flyer;

to ensure that parents are able to pay our fees, to collect any debts owing to us and to help us allocate and administer bursaries and instalments plans for the payment of fees;

to further the School’s charitable aims, including fundraising activities by phone, email or postal mail (except where parents have expressed a preference not to be included)

the promotion of careers information for pupils and/or alumni;

to issue requests to complete relevant education-related surveys or questionnaires;

to collect feedback from parents about the School for research and administration purposes;

If a pupil leaves us to attend another school, we may need to provide that school with information about their parents, including whether there are any unpaid fees.

How long will we keep parents’ information?

Whilst we will only hold parents’ personal information on our database for as long as is necessary, parents of pupils who have left are still “Waconians” and we may also seek to maintain some details for alumni purposes and for the benefit of maintaining a sense of community (please refer to the Alumni and Supporters Privacy Notice for further details).   More details about how long we keep information can been found in the Records Retention Procedure & Schedule. 

Parents of pupils who have left, have the right to withdraw consent for using their personal information for the purposes of the School community, and in some circumstances have certain personal information deleted.  In such cases, where there are no legal reasons not to do so, personal information will be securely erased from our databases.


What are individual rights when it comes to personal information?

We respect individual rights to access, rectify, erase, restrict and move their own personal information.

Where necessary, we will review and update consent periodically.  If anyone wants to see a copy of information that we hold about them, to help us recognise a formal request and manage our response, we ask that requests are submitted through an online form.

Individuals also have the right to object to processing of personal data that is likely to cause, or is causing, damage or distress and to prevent processing for the purpose of direct marketing.  The School would welcome any opportunity to maximising the quality of the personal information held, and would like to encourage individuals to raise any issue or complaint they have directly with the School.  If anyone feels the need to make a complaint about the use of their personal information by Cheadle Hulme School, they must contact the Information Commissioner’s Office.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of processing your information please email