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Whiteout Initiative - Terms and Conditions
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Whiteout Initiative - Terms and Conditions

  1. Who this involves
  1. Clauses set out within this document are between us (leading bodies representing Whiteout Initiative (WI)) and you (the member).

  1. Term of agreement
  1. Permanent while you are a member of WI.

  1. Registering your character on SeAT (
  1. It is mandatory that you register your character on SeAT.
  2. You must use the EVE Online SSO Login Button to log into SeAT.
  3. Failure or refusal to register your character will ultimately lead to you being refused access to WI.
  4. Deregistering your character whilst a member of WI will result in all permissions being disabled and a warning to re-register that character within 24 (twenty-four) hours. Failure to do this will result in immediate dismissal.
  5. If you actively deregister your character more than once whilst a member of WI, we will treat this as a direct infringement of these terms and conditions and you will be dismissed without delay.

  1. Engagements
  1. Aggressive attacks on fellow members of WI will result in instant dismissal from WI without the chance to regain assets and will authorise all possible counter-measures to be taken unless either of the following actions are in effect:
  1. Fleet training exercises - Accidental loss of the ship will be compensated providing all instructions and procedures were followed to begin with.
  2. Agreed combat between two (2) or more members of WI, ships lost are the owners liability and will not be compensated in any way, even if destroyed by another entity other than a member of WI.
  3. Agreed combat between members of WI and other entities, ships lost are the owners liability and will not be compensated in any way, even if destroyed by another entity other than a member of WI who was not part of the original agreement.
  1. Attacking entities other than members of WI (that are not in breach of clause 3.a)
  1. In Wormholes, Low-Sec and Null-Sec entities are fair game, loss of a ship, implants or augmentations when engaging other entities will not be replaced. This is done at the member’s own risk.
  2. In High-Sec this is forbidden unless involved in a war with the opposing entity, or provoked by another entity. Randomly attacking an entity in High-Sec will result in dismissal from WI without chance to regain assets. If working as part of a fleet this will authorise the remaining fleet to engage you to protect WI and its image.
  3. If attacked in High-Sec by a 3rd-party, do NOT return any form of aggression, even if the outcome is believed to be in your favour, doing so will allow other pilots to engage freely in combat against you (and your aggressor) and you are likely to lose your ship. Wait out the attack until CONCORD arrives to handle the aggressor, if your ship gets blown up, this was going to happen anyway, with or without CONCORD’s intervention. The ONLY exception to this rule and should still be considered very carefully is if engaging a War Target.

  1. Inactivity
  1. WI operates a strict inactivity policy. This is to prevent WI from stagnating and members becoming unhappy (there are exceptions to this rule if you are a Director/Alt of a Director or have legitimate reasons and/or have given more than 1 weeks notice with an estimated return)
  1. Inactivity of more than 30 days will result in a reminder of our policy and a ‘strike’ against you, then allowing up to an additional 30 days to come back to us and participate.
  2. Inactivity of another 30 days without any participation will result in dismissal from WI
  3. Inactivity after redemption of the first instance will result in a second reminder and another ‘strike’ if the period of activity since the last reminder has been less than three (3) months, any permissions held may be removed or modified. If the period of activity has been more than three (3) months this will be considered as your first ‘strike’.
  4. Inactivity after two (2) consecutive ‘strikes’ (whilst following the previous terms) will result in a third ‘strike’, removal of all permissions and a 14 day notice to remove any assets before your dismissal from WI.

  1. Permissions
  1. For the first fourteen (14) days no permissions will be granted.
  2. After fourteen (14) days access will be given for access to communal corp hangers, here ships, modules and ammunition can be found and is free for all members to use as long as the following rules are followed.
  1. Do NOT just empty the hanger
  2. If something is needed, take it, but be mindful of other members, abuse will be classed as stealing and will result in immediate dismissal from WI without the chance to regain assets.
  3. If excess modules are in possession that are not needed, they can kindly be donated to this hanger for other members to utilise. ISK will not be paid for these items.
  4. If something is donated and is taken by another member, if even by accident, WI will not reimburse any loss and any aggression towards that member could result in dismissal and/or permissions removed.
  1. Other permissions are awarded only by Directors or the CEO, and in extremely rare occasions, other permitted members.

  1. Disclosure of WI sensitive information
  1. This is forbidden, if and when caught, this will result in instant dismissal without the chance to regain assets and marked as free game to all who wish to engage in combat.

  1. Theft from WI or its members
  1. This is forbidden, if and when caught, this will result in instant dismissal without the chance to regain assets and marked as free game to all who wish to engage in combat.

  1. Fleet Operations
  1. All members are welcome to host fleet events.
  2. If active on an already running fleet the following must be adhered to:
  1. The FC (Fleet Commander) is in charge and has full jurisdiction over the members of that fleet.
  2. Actions against the FC’s orders could be seen as hostile and actions may be taken to protect the fleet.
  1. There is not a Ship Replacement Program (SRP) in place at this time, however where possible, WI will provide ships for main operations.

  1. Leaving WI
  1. We understand that members wish to move on or even leave the game entirely, we will not restrict this action, though we ask that the following procedure be taken into account:
  1. Please notify us with at least 48 hours notice if you are wishing to leave us, this gives us time to process your permissions and ensure safe departure with your assets.
  2. During those 48 hours please do not take any hostile actions towards WI.
  1. Equally you must understand that we will forcefully remove you from WI if any of the above conditions are breached, or if you carry out any of the actions listed below, these will be treated as provocations of war whilst flying WI colours and will not be tolerated under any circumstance:
  1. Attacking known allies of WI in an unauthorised and aggressive manor.
  2. Attacking pilots proving to be assisting us with unwanted actions i.e. An invading fleet attempting to destroy our structures.