Upcoming Circle USD 375 Monthly Board Agenda


Board of Education Agenda


March 18, 2019 – 6:00 p.m.


Regular Meeting

A.     Call to Order

B.     Public Communications

1.      Mr. Northerns-Band

C.     Approval of Agenda

D.     Consent Agenda

1.      Approval of Minutes – February 11, 2019 Regular Meeting

2.      Approval of February Gifts and Grants

3.      Surplus Property

4.      Interlocal 638 Minutes– Herb Pello

E.      Treasurer’s Report

F.      Administrative Reports

1.          Principal /Athletic Director Reports

2.          Development Report

G.     Superintendent’s Report

1.      Resource Officer Canine

2.      Weather-Late Starts

3.      2019-2020 Staffing

H.     Old Business

1.      KASB Policies

I.       New Business

1.      SBA-Work Comp Pricing Agreement

2.      HRSA-School Nurse Navigation Grant

3.      Negotiations Approval Letter

J.         Executive Session

K.      Personnel

1.      Resignations

2.      Appointments

L.      Adjournment


**Agenda items added after published agenda was released