MTT028| 3Doodler, the 3D Printer in your hand, MTT Anniversary, CUE it up! #CUE19 - Maxwell Bogue

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The 3D printing pen was an invention of accidental genius, creativity and quick thinking. What started out as an error from a 3D printer, turned into an amazing venture into a handheld way to create 3D objects.

The 3Doodler went on to raise nearly $4 million USD in two successful Kickstarts and has since become the best-selling 3D printing product of all-time.

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Can you imagine almost getting to the end of your large 14 hour 3D printing project and, oh no, the printer missed a level.  Now you have your 3D object in two pieces, but have no way of joining them together.  Looks like you have to start all over again, right? Well this exact thing happened to our guest, Maxwell Bogue, from 3Doodler.  Listen to find out what he and his partner did to fix the situation.

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