The Eddy School

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Newry, ME 04261

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Deb Webster, Director

PARENTAL INSIGHT FORM: to be completed by the student's parent/s

Student's Name: ________________________________________________________

Parents have unique perspectives and valuable insights regarding their children. A parent interview will be held as part of the application process. The questions below deserve some time for thought. Please complete this form and submit it to The Eddy School prior to your scheduled parent interview. If your interview has not yet been scheduled, please remit this form as soon as possible.

Please submit your responses to all questions on an attached piece of paper or electronically.

For the following questions, please make a single choice for each set and give specific examples supporting your decisions. These are not meant to be opposing qualities.

A. Is your child more...

        1) introspective or empathic?

        2) independent or responsible?

        3) proactive or patient?

        4) a thinker or a do-er?

        5) flexible or rigorous?

        6) focused or creative?

B. Has your child skipped/repeated a grade or changed schools frequently?         □Yes         □No

If yes, please explain.

C. Has your child ever been suspended or expelled from school?         □Yes         □No

If yes, please explain.

D. Please discuss any strengths, challenges, and circumstances we should be aware of when considering your child’s application for our school.

Parent/Guardian Signature____________________________________________________Date__________________

Parent/Guardian Signature____________________________________________________Date__________________

In accordance with Federal Law and USDA Policy, this school does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability (not all prohibited bases apply to all programs).