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WNJR Student Programs (Fall 2021)
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Student Programs (Fall 2021)


(7:00 PM) “The Rewind” with Mcrey

Tune in to “The Rewind” with Mccrey, where we turn the clock back to the most nostalgic hits of the 1990s.

(8:00 PM) “The Long Toss with Ross” with Ryan and John

“The Long Toss with Ross" is hosted by Ryan Ross and John Klein, where we and a special guest discuss statistics and give our take on current sports news. If you like listening to sports talk, tune in at 8pm every Monday night!


(10:00 AM) “A Day in Europe” with Freda

Each week, "A Day in Europe" will offer a glimpse into the countries of the European continent. We will focus on a new country each week, and discuss topics such as culture, music, news and current events, studying abroad, and the best destinations for your bucket list.

(6:00 PM) “4th and Long” with Carter

Every Tuesday Tune into 4th and Long to hear the recap of the prime-time NFL games on Thursday, Sunday, and Monday nights, as well as all the long-shot players that we expect to pop off in the upcoming week. We always go for it on 4th and Long!

(9:00 PM) “The Archive” with Luke W.

“The music that you will not hear on the radio.” Everything from classic progressive rock to modern math rock. The less commercial side of music, both new and old. An eclectic blend of alternative, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, Jazz-fusion, indie, and more.



(4:15 PM) “COM-242: Radio Performance or Production” (Various Hosts)

Each Wednesday, the students of the COM-242: Radio Performance or Production course conduct a series of “Pop-Up Talk Shows” discussing news, current events, and other topics of interest.

(5:30 PM) “Clifton’s Corner” with Jonathan

Tune in to “Clifton’s Corner” with Jonathan, featuring the latest pop-culture and music news, as well as the hottest trends in popular music.

(8:00 PM) “The Present Tense” with Sam

Tune in to “The Present Tense with Sam Stewart,” where Sam offers his take on sports, current events, and other stories you need to know about. Featuring regular guests from the Washington & Jefferson College community.

(9:00 PM) “The Amalgamation” with Kyle

Each week The Amalgamation delivers an eclectic blend of hard rock, metal, and anything in between.



(3:00 PM) “Tech It Out” with Taylor

Tune in to “Tech it Out” with Taylor every Friday at 11AM for the latest updates on new technologies, a segment called "Today in Tech," and useful apps that you can download to run your life more efficiently!

(5:00 PM) “College Knowledge” with Arianna 

Tune in on Thursdays to “College Knowledge” with Arianna to keep up to date with events going on around campus, as well as hearing Arianna’s favorite “hacks” for surviving college, and interviews with different students, faculty and staff! 

(7:30 PM) “Hold My Jockstrap” with Carlo

Tune in every Thursday to "Hold My Jockstrap" with host Carlo Basile, where he talks daily sports topics mixed in with special guests, to make the most complete and correct sports analysis on the planet.

(9:00 PM) “Soundbytes” with Bryan

Love video game soundtracks? Then you'll love tuning to Bryan's new show "Soundbytes." Soundbytes is a music-based show where listeners can tune in to listen to video game music, typically orchestrated versions of some of his favorite pieces.


(3:00 PM) “Smooth Jams” with Nakota

Tune in every Friday at 3PM for “Smooth Jams” with Nakota. From synth-pop to indie rock, it’s music to mellow out with.

(4:00 PM) “Shayla Shares” with Shayla

“Shayla Shares” is exactly how it sounds: Each week, Shayla shares her thoughts and experiences on the radio. She discusses anything, from trying new things to rating apps and sharing some ridiculous news articles. Have a break from everyday life and tune in to this talk show.

(5:00 PM) “Take A Gander” with Goose

Join Goose (Brenden) for an hour every Friday as he discusses all forms of fiction, from movies to TV shows to books. Each week features a special guest co-host.





(4:00 PM) “Talkin’ Bass” With Luke G.

Listen every Sunday to “Talkin’ Bass” with Host Luke Geister, where he will talk about the unsung hero of most bands, the low end that makes your body move and groove, the Bass Guitar. Tune in to hear the history and importance of the Bass, as well as his Favorite Bass players and tunes.