Stop & Shop A+ Rewards Program

We have joined the A+ Rewards Program! Connect your rewards card to our school and shop, cash will be donated back to our school! Look for more information on how to register to come home or; Visit and select Savings & Rewards. Follow the prompts to create your online account. You’ll need your 13-digit Stop & Shop Card number and the School ID # 40635. (A+ School Rewards Program)

Visit and click on Savings

From the drop down select Rewards and Programs

Scroll down the page until you see

A+ Give Back to
Local Schools

Register Now

If you already have an account Sign In

If not choose


If you already have a
Stop & Shop Card

If not choose No
and follow the
prompts to setup
your account

If you selected Yes 
you will Register
and enter the
required information

Once you entered your last name and your Stop & Shop card number the account information should show up.  If not complete the required sections

Remember to Enter your Store Location

Once you successfully create your account and login you need to link to our school or