Emailing overdue lists to homeroom teachers

Note: You must complete the process above for the notices to be sent to a homeroom. The default will be the teachers’ DOE email address; to add another email address like Gmail, please email them in an Excel file (first name, last name, email address) to 

You will also need to assign a Supervisor to a homeroom.

Step 1: Go to Back Office->Manage Homerooms

Step 2: Click on the Edit button for the homeroom Supervisor you wish to add:

Step 3: You will select the Supervisor from your Patrons by clicking the Select button.

Step 4: Search for the patron and then click Select from the list:

Do this for all your homerooms, and then, when you send out notices, it will go to the email address listed in the teacher’s patron profile.

The overdues…

Go to Reports=>Patrons=>Current Checkouts Click on Email to homerooms:

Setup which patrons to include.

Then choose if you want to send it to all homerooms or only designated ones, and which details to include in the notice.

Click Run Report and it will be sent to the email addresses of the designated Homeroom Teachers.

You will see the results in the Job Manager.