Eisha Haroon

Hi! My name is Eisha and I am running to be one of your CASA co-presidents next year. I will be entering my fourth year as a Cognitive Science student, and my fourth year as an active member of CASA. I’ve been a member of the admin team since my first year, was the CASA Secretary this year. You may remember me from past events such as pub night, COG250 workshops, and the general meetings (I’m the one that took the notes). One of the things I love about the Cognitive Science Program is the camaraderie amongst the students in the program. This camaraderie is very important to me and as co-president I would love to make sure this continues and flourishes next year, and that the events we host continue to foster connections and friendships within the program. As this program grows, I want to ensure that CASA remains a place of support for students in the program. CASA has a history as acting as a voice for student concerns to the administration and I want that to continue. I am very passionate about the association and the help it provides to Cognitive Science students at UofT. I intend to do everything I can to help lead CASA, and ensure it remains a place of community for Cognitive Science students!

Jiesi Liu

A lot of you may not know me personally, but you may know me as the person this year who has been spamming both your Facebook notifications and your email with pleas to join social events. So, allow me to introduce myself.

I am currently a third-year majoring in Cognitive Science and Psychology. I joined CASA last year as an office admin because I wanted to make friends and help other people within the cogsci community. Since then, I managed to become Communications Director and involved myself further in helping the CASA community. In the past, I have been vice president and head editor for my high school yearbook club, concertmaster for multiple orchestras, and received scholarships for community service. I am no stranger to leadership roles, especially ones that involve a sense of community. To me, a good leader is one who has been involved in multiple levels in the organization and continues to listen to those around them, even if they must go out of their way to do so. I believe that I have these qualities, and I hope you believe that as well.

I have spent a lot of time in CASA, both as a student and an executive member. During this time, I have fallen in love with how open and caring everyone is. Not only is CASA an academic resource for students, it is also a wonderful resource for making friends. The CASA office is a safe space for many people, and I have enjoyed creating and being a part of that environment. Next year will be my final year in CASA, as I will be graduating, and it is my hope that I can continue to foster the love this community has for itself and cognitive science.


Nicholas Robichaud

Hey! I’m Nick and I’m the current Treasurer for CASA, running for re-election.

I really appreciate CASA and the important role we serve in the cog sci community. CASA is incredibly helpful for new students and is a family for me and many others at UofT.

I hope to continue to give back to our amazing community for another year on executive.


I have brought my energy to a variety of positions in my life, from my studies and lab work here at school, to carpentry, window-cleaning, and bartending in my past. Working with CASA is no different. I hope to use my experience as Treasurer to bring even more energy to CASA next year!

This year we ran UTISM 2020. I really loved working with our exec to organize such a great conference. I managed audio/visual for the event, which went very smoothly. I was also the driver responsible for transporting our supplies to the event and picking up our guest speakers. I would love to do the same for Confluence next year.

I also performed my basic duties, which included helping many students at our test and exam sessions, budgeting, planning, and organizing our events, managing expenses and reimbursements, and connecting with my fellow exec. In the office, I cleaned out our filing cabinet, rearranged furniture, and even donated my fridge to get rid of the smelly old one (making sure we kept the old photo of Vervaeke!). Dealing with coronavirus this term has been a real bruh moment for all of us. Despite this, CASA had a great year working for the cog sci community, and I want to bring my experience back to make next year even better. With your vote, I can help make this happen.

Thanks for voting!


Ayush Kumar

Hello! I am Ayush and I am a second year Computational Cognitive Science and Statistics Major. I am running for Communications Director because I AM a great communicator. Some have said they have never seen a better communicator than me. Sometimes my friends go “MAN, this GUY can TALK”. This year I gained some outstanding COMMUNICATING experience as COG250 rep where I was responsible for making class announcements ( I was able to convince at least 10 people from the class of 200 to come). In all seriousness though, I believe I am the perfect fit for the job at hand. I took 2 years of digital art in High School and was a TA for 1 year which would make me perfect for designing all the ads for the CASA events (I can use Indesign and photoshop). I am responsible for some of the memes that were created during this year’s COG250 class ( front left meme gang rise up). I think memes are the perfect to communicate how one feels about a certain subject. | , | I, | |, | _, (if you know, you know). Since I have web development experience, I would like to update the CASA website and make it a bit more fancy. I would also like to start doing some videography/photography during all the CASA events so all cogsci students have memories to look back on at the end of the year. All in all, please vote for me. A vote for me is a vote for YOU.

Dani Mariam


Alex Heyman

My name is Alex Heyman, a third-year student in Computer Science and Cognitive Science with a minor in Philosophy, and I’m running to be your CASA Secretary. I was first introduced to CASA like many of us were, when I took COG250 in my second year – and over the course of that year, I went from asking for essay advice at CASA’s office hours to hosting some of those office hours myself, which I’m still doing three semesters later. The community of students that CASA nurtures has been one of the most important parts of my social life at U of T, and as I enter my fourth and final year as an undergrad, I would be honored to give back to that community as part of the CASA executive team.

My most important experience in a leadership role has been as the head of a collaborative video game design project, organized over the internet, between January 2019 and February 2020. During that time, I had to keep track of contributions by several other developers and dozens of community contributors, ensure that everyone met their deadlines, and reassign tasks whenever contributors couldn’t fulfill their promises. The project has now completed all of the content that we planned. I imagine this experience will be relevant to my responsibilities as CASA Secretary of making sure office hours are being held and managing the exec team’s internal communications. While I have no experience taking meeting minutes in particular, I am a diligent and organized note-taker in my courses. Finally, anyone who knows me can attest that I never have unexplained absences from events that I agree to attend, and I can promise that as CASA Secretary I would never miss a meeting.

Thank you for reading my statement, and thank you for voting!

Justice Tomilson

HELLO! My name is Justice. I’m running for CASA secretary. I make a lot of cogsci memes; if you’re in Cog250, you’ve probably seen a few. But today, I’d like to offer you something more than memes. Today I humbly offer up my cumulative life experience and skills in hopes that we can create an amazing new CASA exec team. Part of the secretary’s responsibilities are to maintain CASA’s library and documents. I know for a FACT that those books could stand to be realphabetized and there’s no one who can do that job better than I can. Trust me, I know the alphabet like the back of my hand. Really though, I volunteered at a library back in my hometown: I will not stop until every book is in order.

I want to become secretary because I really love cognitive science and I’m passionate about working with others and sharing knowledge. I’m excited to further the field in any way I can!

In terms of managing internal communications and managing the CASA office, I have a great deal of experience in administrative roles that revolve very centrally around strong internal communication. I have three years of experience as a project manager, executive, and ambassador for many nonprofits and clubs (if you want to see some of my work, check out @enviropediaTO on IG!). From these experiences, I bring logistical and organizational skills, specifically in building events and social media management!  

I believe my passion for cognitive science and existing organizational skills make me the best candidate for the position. I hope you’ll consider voting for me!

I wanted to put a meme here but they wouldn’t let me.

Robin Medd

Hey fellow cogsci peeps! I’m currently a third-year cognitive science student that’s also stoked about philosophy and computer science. I’ve really enjoyed my time with the CASA community, and I intend to continue contributing as the CASA secretary. This position is important to me because I understand its necessity to the functions of CASA and to us, as its members. As secretary I work with the executive team to support CASA members in both their academic and social pursuits. My 5 years as an office admin, accompanied with my experience from multiple leadership roles at U of T (Graphics Design Team Exec and Co-Chair of a music club), will lend me to be an efficient and effective secretary for CASA. Eisha has done a great job at innovating the library, and I am excited to continue her efforts, once elected.

Nikki Bhumbra

Event coordinator

Sophia Wan

Some of you may know me as that girl who organizes study group meetings and occasionally uploads semi-legible notes. Some of you may know me as that one annoying girl who keeps spamming the COG250 Facebook group. Some of you may know me as that girl you've never seen in your life but who somehow has the nerve to run to be CASA's Events Coordinator.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sophia Wan. Coming into COG250, I'd had no idea what to expect. All I had known was that I was interested in Computer Science, Psychology, and Philosophy; and that the CogSci program was hilariously flexible.

I soon found myself in a community hellbent on... supporting each other. Hellbent on learning from each other and each other's disciplines. Hellbent on trying new perspectives. It was in the Cognitive Science community that I learned about concepts I would not otherwise have considered, and befriended wonderful people I would never have met in my more uniform classes. I want to do everything I can to give back to a community that's given me so much.

Why do I think I would be an effective events coordinator? Years of organizing concerts, stage managing, and running a tech committee have given me experience running events and dealing with logistical details. I learned to be extremely organized, think on the fly, and to remain calm under pressure. As a person, I'm always open to new ideas and happy to lend an ear to anyone who wants it.

I cannot guarantee that I will do everything perfectly. No one can. What I can guarantee is transparency, meticulous planning, and a willingness to try new things.

Conference coordinator

Jeremy Yang

Hi there, my name is Jeremy and I am running for the position of conference coordinator. In previous school years, I had the privilege to serve as the treasurer and co-president of CASA. These experiences provided me with thorough knowledge of the operations of both CASA and the cognitive science program, as well as the confidence to serve cognitive science students in their academic pursue with the undergraduate conference---- Confluence. If elected, I plan to strive for a welcoming atmosphere for Confluence for undergraduate students to both present the wonderful works they have done and explore how they can perform their very own undergraduate research projects. I consider myself lucky to have been a part of CASA having grew so much within the community, and I would love to have the opportunity to provide others with the same great experience I have had in the past.