Montclair PTO Meeting Minutes

October 17, 2018


Attendance: Lauren Dahl, Ross Bradshaw, Dominic Yballe, Dennis Carlson, Misty Haqq, Amanda Elliott, Becky O’Donnell, Corrina Yballe        , Tracy McKinnon, Stacey McKinney, Sean Leverty, Theresa Moreschini

  1. Call to order  7:05
  2. Approval of minutes from last meeting 9/26/2018, Misty moves, Corinna seconds (PLEASE ATTACH)
  3. Principal update - Sean Leverty
  1. We should have all received the letter about the new Health curriculum and requirements. Under the new law, K-12 teachers are required to teach about child abuse; mainly, awareness and knowledge lessons through the teachers in the classroom.  Lessons are available by Grade for parents to look at and review.  There are 4 lessons through the year.  Website available.  There is an “Opt Out” option available. Mr Leverty is very positive about the programming and curriculum and it’s well done and put together in a sensitive fashion.  We watched a video and it was very  clear and simple. At the site, you can see the lessons also.
  1. Teacher Liaison update - Amanda Elliott
  1. Thank you for the conference lunches.
  1.  President update – Lauren Dahl
  1. Spirit Wear - We can do 2 designs! Adding a more traditional/athletic option for more orders.  Getting set up asap.
  2. Oregon Food Bank - Reserved two shifts of up to 40 people.  The more hours we log, the more tickets we are eligible for from Disneyland.  Montclair families and friends can help.  Working out how to get sign up organized.  If we don’t fill the slots, we need to provide 3 days’ notice. Times are 6-8:30 on a Wed & Thurs night before the Christmas holiday.  5 Children per 1 Adult for volunteering.
  3. We will be counting up the Fun Run money on 10/23 at 7pm (Bradshaw Residence).  Everyone is welcome to help.
  1. Vice President update -  Becky O’Donnell
  1. Dine Out for Dollars - First one is for Mod Pizza and she’s confirming dates.  Others are lined up and up.  Also, Misty will be posting on social media. There is a location for each month so far through January.
  1.  Secretary update - Misty Haqq
  1. PTO Directory - Done and sent out (twice)!
  2. Facebook page/group dates being updated. Any chairs and committee members should have admin rights on the Facebook page to create events and posts for their specific projects/event.
  3. Secretary can help facilitate getting info into the Hawkeye for events, updates and such.  However, the expectation is that any committee chairs reach out to Karen & Teri directly to make sure their event/info is in the Hawkeye, if needed.
  1.  Volunteer Coordinators update - Corrina Yballe & Tracey McKinnon
  1. Book fair next week.  Set up is Friday.  Shifts available for volunteers before/during/after school.
  2. Clothes Closet - Will be in November this year.  Tina Teed is contact and will be reaching out.  Sign Ups are available now through the MVP site.  
  3. Since the last meeting, Corrina has made the new badges for parents not previously in the system or may have lost their badge.
  4. Run/Walk/Bike to school was a success.  Had 56 kids and over 30 adults and then we had coffee and presents for the kids.
  5. Sign Ups for the Harvest Festival are live also.
  1. Treasurer update - Ross Bradshaw
  1. Updated PTO Reimbursement Form (available in the office)
  2. Updated Budget & P/L
  3. Fun Run money count Tuesday 10/23 @ 7pm (Bradshaw Residence)
  4. Can we get a fall clean up scheduled (to help with volunteer hours). Mr. Leverty just filled out an application to have some local community members to help clean up the garden and at this time, we most likely have it covered. ***We are open to ideas to get hours in and may just schedule something before December just to make sure we have enough hours to make sure we get the max amount of Disney tickets and help the school in the process***  Mr. Leverty will look at the schedule for an available Sunday we could try to organize.
  1. Round Table / Announcements
  1. Auction Update - Meeting auctioneer on Tuesday. Will be calling for volunteers soon for procurement and other needs to get this event organized.  Will be using the same gentleman as last year.  Again, scheduled for March 16th and also at the Zoo again.
  1. Adjourn 7:59pm
  2. Post meeting at Old Market.  Join Us!