5 PM

Gate Opens

6 PM

Seawinds Hospitality Begins

9 PM

Gate Closes


7 AM

Gate Opens

8 AM

Armor Inspections @ the List Field; Breakfast Opens

9 AM

A&S Setup

9:30 AM

Morning Court

10 AM

Seawinds Defender Lysts Begin (Chivalric and Rapier)
Bryn Gwlad Archery Championship Begins

11 AM

Seawinds A&S Competition Begins; Seawinds Gustatory Setup

11:30 AM

Seawinds Gustatory Judging Begins


Lunch Break

1 PM

Competitions Continue

2 PM

Seawinds Archery Competition Begins;

Giant’s Invasion (Youth Boffer)

3 PM

Seawinds Bardic Competition Begins; Gate Closes

4 PM

Pick up A&S Entries;

Early Period C&T List Begins (Time Permitting);

Valhalla’s Gate begins (Chivalric) (Time Permitting)

5:30 PM

Evening Court

6:30 PM

Feast Begins

8:30 PM

Open Bardic Circle


8 AM

Armor Inspection @ the List Field; Breakfast Opens

9 AM

Baronial Champion Lists Begin

11 AM

Baronial Court


Site Closes