ZOOTR SG Live 2019 Tournament - Qualifier Rules

These are only the qualifier rules. The full tournament rules will be shared in due course.

Tournament Format

The tournament has 3 phases: optional online qualifiers, onsite groups and an onsite bracket.

Qualifiers Settings

Qualifiers will use V4.0 using the Accessible Weekly Settings Preset.

Qualifiers Format

Participating in online qualifiers is optional. The top 3 receive guaranteed spots for the bracket and subsidised travel/accommodation. Qualifier scores will be used to determine group seeding.

There are 20 qualifiers races. You may compete in a maximum of 5 (completing less will negatively impact your score). Any incomplete races will be considered a forfeit.

You do not need to have a ticket for SG Live to participate in the online qualifiers. Participation in qualifiers does not guarantee a spot in the group stage. The group stage is first come first serve for the first 50 people that buy a ticket and sign up. You can play in the qualifiers without a ticket but only the top 3 that make it into the brackets stage will be guaranteed anything. beyond the top 3 qualifiers are for group seeding purposes only.

Qualifiers Schedule

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Qualifiers Scoring

The scoring method is very similar to the one used for the ALTTPR Fall 2018 community tournament qualifiers. For each race your score will be determined as follows:

Of your 5 results your best and worst will be excluded. The mean of your 3 remaining results forms your final score (which will be a number between 0 and 100).

In the event of a tie to determine the top 3 overall qualifier winners, all tied racers will have a race-off using the same settings.

Qualifier Rules

Inability to finish a race that you have started, regardless of the reason, will still count as a race that you participated in and will result in a forfeit.

Please do not talk in the qualifier race channels except for the necessary race commands. Do not leave an SRL comment until the race has finished. If in doubt, please don't say anything at all.

Make sure you are ready on time because the race WILL start without you!

Race Rules

Looking Ahead to Groups and Brackets

Players who participated in the qualifiers will be seeded into their groups based on their final score from the qualifiers. Players who did not participate in the qualifiers will be randomly seeded at the bottom.