Camp Chase Trail Locator

16.2 miles including Connectors

From southwest to northeast, toward Columbus Metro Area

As of March 2018

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County (Town)

Approximate Address

Segment Distance



(Lilly Chapel)

Roberts Pass Trailhead

3330 Wilson Road Southeast

London, OH

5.3 miles

39.889841, -83.313506



Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park

8465 Alkire Road

Galloway, OH

39.893376, -83.216101

Follow the Darby Creek Trail south, then follow Metro Park Road to the east,  1.7 miles



Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park

(Indian Ridge Area)

2705 Darby Creek Drive

Galloway, OH

5.6 miles

39.892320, -83.199018


(Columbus, Westland)

Camp Chase Trail

4500 Sullivant Ave.

Columbus, OH 43228

39.939199, -83.117778

Travel Industrial Mile Road between Sullivant Ave and Georgesville Rd for a low traffic link between the trail segments.  (0.7 mile)


(Columbus Westland)

Camp Chase Trail

460 Georgesville Rd

Columbus, OH 43228

2.9 miles

39.942772, -83.111476


(Columbus Hilltop USA)

Camp Chase Trail

375 N Eureka Ave.

Columbus, OH 43204

39.963563, -83.066576

When trail ends, go North on N. Eureka Ave, East on Valleyview Dr (which becomes Highland then Harper). Cross McKinley Ave and enter the Scioto Greenway trail via the Hilltop Connector Bridge, at the end of the connector bridge go LEFT at the fork to follow the Scioto Greenway Trail toward downtown

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