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Secretary 9:30 AM Attention: The 2nd and 3rd rows are for newcomers & people with disabilities.





Good Morning! Welcome to the Sunday Morning Open Hybrid Meeting of the Pacific Palisades AA Workshop. My name is ___________ and I am an alcoholic.

(Only Read if we are full and people are standing) If there is an empty seat next to you please raise your hand and please keep it raised until all have been seated.

This is a hybrid meeting which means members of our group are attending by Zoom.  Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions, and in keeping that foremost; There is one camera set up on this podium. By standing in front of it you are sharing your image with our Zoom audience, and please consider your own anonymity before doing so.  


The 2nd and 3rd rows are for newcomers & disabled people.

Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. There are no dues or fees for AA membership; we are self

supporting through our own contributions. AA is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution; does not wish to engage in any controversy, neither endorses nor opposes any causes. Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety.

Please silence all cell phones and especially do not log into Zoom with your audio as it will cause feedback.  If you want to ask a question of today’s speaker, we will be alternating from raised hands in the room, zoom chat, or texted in. If texting, please send your question at any time during the meeting to ‪(818) 527-6237‬ and please refrain from using your phone for any other purpose.

There is 90 minutes free Parking in the public parking structures.

Smoking is not permitted, I repeat NOT PERMITTED anywhere on Women’s Club property or on the sidewalk or street directly in front of the Club. (Are We Providing Butt Cans?)

I have identified myself as an alcoholic. Are there any other alcoholics present?

It is a custom in Southern California to read a portion of Chapter 5 from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, entitled “How it Works.” Today, I have asked ___________ to read it for us.

Leader – Chapter 5 starts on the next page:


There are no dues or fees for AA membership; our 7th Tradition states that we are self-supporting through our own contributions. Due to the high cost of this particular meeting, we ask that you please be generous. Our Venmo is @pacificpalisades-sun the qr codes can be scanned here or with the baskets being passed.

We will now have an announcement from our treasurer:

Leader – keep a tight pace

If there are any members of the Program visiting from outside the greater Los Angeles area, please stand and identify yourself and where you are from.

Leader – Point to each individual. Make certain that the member’s name and city are clearly heard. Repeat their name a where they are visiting from to help the scribe and so that its picked for Zoom.

Not to embarrass you, but so that we may get to know you better after the meeting, if there are any alcoholics here for their first AA meeting ever. . . please come up and accept a newcomer chip as a reminder that we care.

Leader – Wait for them to come up to the podium and hand them a purple “Welcome” chip.  Tell them if they don’t wish to be on camera; please stand to the side & tell them to state their name and disease.

If there are any other newcomers in their first 30 days of sobriety, please stand and identify yourselves, saying your name clearly so that we may welcome you.

Leader – Point to each individual. Make certain that the member’s name is clearly heard. Please repeat the name for the scribes and so it is heard by Zoom.  Make sure to look up at the balcony.

Leader – After Newcomers have identified continue reading:

We observe various lengths of sobriety during the first year by giving chips. We ask that if you are going to take a chip, please come up to the front of the room to receive it. Please limit your comments stating only your name and disease.

Who would like to take a 30 day Chip?

(White Chip)

Who would like to take a 60 day Chip?

(Green Chip)

Who would like to take a 90 day Chip?

(Red Chip)

Who would like to take a 6 month Chip?

(Blue Chip)

Who would like to take a 9 month Chip?

(Yellow Chip)

It is also a custom in Southern California to celebrate birthdays for each year of continuous sobriety. Birthday celebrants have the option of donating $1 for every year of their sobriety to the Birthday Contributions Can located on the podium at any time during the meeting. Today we have _____ birthdays. We request that you limit your acceptance to a maximum of one minute.

Our first birthday is for ____________ , for ____ years, and (read names on list) will give _____________ the cake.

(We can open the audio if there are birthdays on Zoom and give them a minute)

Leader – Don’t wait for the applause to die down. Announce the next birthday immediately.

Our next birthday is for ____________ , for ____ years, and (read names on list) will give _____________ the cake.

Turn to the tech table and ask:

Are there any birthdays on Zoom today, (pause, if there are read the following) will you please unmute them and give them a minute to share it with us.

(Kenny’s piano can’t be heard on Zoom as a timer)


Our speaker will now share for approximately 30 minutes. Then, we will alternate taking questions from raised hands in the room, zoom chat, or texted in at ‪(818) 527-6237. If you raise your hand, please speak up and be concise. The speaker will repeat your question into the microphone for everyone to hear.

Let’s welcome today’s speaker, _________.

After the speaker’s story.

It’s now time for questions. If you are in the room, please raise your hand, speak loudly, and be concise. As a reminder, the speaker will repeat your question into the microphone for everyone to hear. If you are on Zoom, please send questions through chat. We will be alternating back and forth. Our first question:

(Read off the computer at the tech table from the Google Scribe Document)

(Read after last question)

That is all the time we have for questions. Let's thank our speaker _________.

And it’s now time for our secretary’s announcements.

Secretary Announcements (Remember to bring list of chips and birthdays)

If you are new to AA or looking for a sponsor we can help.

Our sponsor chairs are Janet for the Women and Paul for the Men (Secretary points). At this time will all the interim sponsors please stand? If you are looking for a sponsor, please see one of these people who are standing, or the interim sponsor chairs at the stage at the end of the meeting. You can also go to our website and click on the sponsorship link.

if you want to be a sponsor or be included on our phone list,  which is available to members of our group privately.  Register for an account and create an optional profile with just the info you are comfortable sharing.

We have been recording this meeting for many years and we have many of our speakers available on our website Our download rep Anders will be by the podium after the meeting  selling downloads for $3 and cds for $2.

Our Grapevine rep is Sandy. (Secretary points). The Grapevine is our meeting in a magazine and is sold at a cost of $______. You will find her at the stage after the meeting. You can also check out The Grapevine on-line, at

Our literature chair people are Lauren and Anna. (Secretary points). You can see them at the stage after the meeting. Our Big Book and 12 & 12 are sold at our cost and the soft literature is free. If you’re a newcomer and don’t have the funds, there are Big Books that have been donated for you, so don’t leave here without one.  Also, there are links on to the big book and other AA literature you can download or listen to absolutely free.

If you need a court card signed please click on the link on the top right of the menu bar of our website, and fill out the form on or come and see our court card person Carolyn after meeting if you need a signature at the stage.

Our cleanup is led by  Kevin________ (announcement).

Our Lost & Found Person is Monica If you have lost or found anything, please see him/her after the meeting.


READ LIST OF NEWCOMERS, CHIP PEOPLE AND BIRTHDAYS! Please hold all applause till the end.


**Any additional announcements**

I would like to thank our Leader ______, for leading a great meeting and let’s give a BIG Hand for our Fabulous Speaker ______ for coming out today and sharing with us.

It takes a team to put on this meeting and we have a number of ways for you to get involved. Please see me after the meeting if you would like a commitment. Service is an essential part of staying sober.  Thank you to everyone who helps put this meeting on. We will recognize them all by name on the last Sunday of each month.

Thank you for allowing me to be of service.  I will now turn the meeting back over to our leader.

(Turn Page)

Leader – After secretary’s announcements, return to podium:

I would like to thank our secretary, _________, for asking me to lead today’s meeting.

I would also like to thank our participants:

_____________ for reading Chapter 5

In closing, I have asked ______________ to read “A Vision for You,” then, after a moment’s silent meditation, to lead us in the prayer of his/her choice.

Leader –“A Vision for You” begins on next page…