My name, spelled backwards and forwards without the repetition of the first/last A. Ironically, this suggests he means to address a specific facet of mine which might be less than sane.


I can only assume he commands me to eat the left side of the mushroom.

what is there is only what the lightglintz. parenthetically jack can’t see inthdark and a glass can only spill what it contains.       goliath golightly. this is not a drill. switches gettin flipt earths gettin leveled planes goin down evies gettin married. a man’s gotta do, sarge, what a man’s gotta do.

The references to Goliath and Holly Golightly in the same breath, directly subsequent to the mention of Jack says to me that he’s saying Jack is both of these characters, one biblical and one… Hepburnical. Both of these together must be the key to what troubles toward which he briefly supposes we’re headed.

this is real simple. teyems real simple runs like an engine gotta beat like uh heart everythud pumpin radiation over th desert. match in the gas tank. they say its bad for you say it ain’t possible even at 88mph but great scott I got me infinite lives and two tails sniffing th air over area fiftyone. And I know you know just what I mean, Doc.

the memory (nv/r) lies

Here, he corroborates Evelyn’s recent theory that when the nuclear bombs are detonated in The Desert, anyone near the blast will be transported to another time. He seems to think I will understand the concept, as well as the impact this has had on him, personally. He isn’t wrong, I feel I do. He calls me “Doc” which I can only assume is an accusation that I’m Emmett “Doc” Brown from the Back to the Future series. Another something with which I can’t argue. He tells me that we can trust our memories as much as we cannot, something he’s explained to me many times before, in so many words.

th angels revolt. Who are we but the ill-conceived perceivers of the passage of time? If all we can remember is what the light touches, we don’t even know our own names. so much time so littletodo. but no one has tried yet to dance to the end of it to drown ships in the sea of it to drag its body back home n gut th dinner from it serv it to our children. to wait is to bcum a holy ticking tocking emblem of your love but if you think all what we got to do about time is witness its passing we’re all deadinth ether. if jack can’t lead this revolt we

The first sentences is a strong statement, and seemingly plucked directly out of context. What are the Angels to be revolting against? His mood becomes clearer, here. I think he’s dangling on a daringly self-righteous edge. He’s telling me we aren’t living up to our potential in the area of time travel, whilst simultaneously warning what could happen if Jack doesn’t lead a revolt of the Angels. How the two connect, I haven’t the slightest. Curiously unfinished, this last sentence here is the most troubling.

it’s like the dummy sez                   There are three ingredients to time.


today n


First, a reference to the Pet Shop Boys movie, It Couldn’t Happen Here, the title of which puts new perspective on the idea that our House is headed for unknown chronological territory. In it, a puppet indulges a bored audience on the nature of time. He says there are three ingredients to time. The ones Clyde lists are not those listed in the film. Of course, his list is from Hebrews 13:8. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.


Though he has never before referred to me under this title, I do believe he’s addressing me.

father can you hear me?

Your arms, long as the eons you pass over to become Tadpole, the Rapist, Shrivel, Scourge, and finally, Man. In a single stretch, you know your imminence and your extinction. If anyone can hear this prayer, it’s you, Father Time. I kneel before you with a wish for your attention and understanding.

Referring to the fact that I can, during sex with Evelyn given the right circumstances, be present across a couple of trillion years, from my inception as an Earthling to my present state of existence, I think Clyde is asking me to consider my experiences having done that, in order to better understand the root of his issue, and his perspective of our calendar. I will admit he has me feeling doomed, at this point in the letter.

because of the angels

because of the angels

because of the angels

because of the angels

because of the angels

because of the angels

slegna eht fo esuaceb

bmeactacuhsien otfh tehgea asntgaenlks

Corinthians, I can’t recall the exact passage. Something about veils, I think. His repetitions typically mark the increase of his urgency, circular nature of his thoughts, or both. The second to last line is backwards, indicating his own movement through time, in that moment. The last line is broken up with a secret message. It’s “match in the gas tank”. Thank you, Evelyn.

evrytime th bomb goes awf

shawk to th hart clear fox comes running out th woods clear eyes bright can smell th dangr of united states clear government gonna make our clear hearts new. the blast will clear reset us, neutralize clear the landscape, call the boys clear back home. clyde i said CLEAR

He seems to be speaking to Evelyn about the bombs and Dummy Town here. That she’s yelling the word “clear” in his ear suggests to me something regarding Brad’s powers over electricity. Could he be a human flux capacitor?

boom         boom

bradarb energizes, yanks th plug out n whirlpool we float hybrids down th drainuh modern love. there won’t be uh nextime teatime lifetime time to go.

A warning? These messages substantiate the aforementioned ideas, but are we headed for disaster? Is Jack meant to put a stop to something or encourage it?