Finca Morpho’s Eight Respects and Eight Responsibilities

Eight Areas of Respect

  1. (Physical Respect) I agree to respect personal boundaries, touch others appropriately, and refrain from violence.
  2. (Emotional Respect) I agree to respect other people’s feelings and emotions, and take responsibility for my own.
  3. (Verbal Respect) I agree to be honest, use respectful forms of communication with others, and listen to what others are saying to me.
  4. (Spacial Respect) I agree to respect my own and others’ right to privacy, solitude, quiet, and security in their personal space, and be conscious of my use of communal space.
  5. (Material Respect) I agree to care for individual, communal, and community property
  6. (Respect for Diversity) I agree to respect the diversity of people’s age, gender, racial origin, sexual orientation, spiritual practices, and physical and mental capabilities.
  7. (Community Respect) I agree to respect the community structure and consent based decision-making process.
  8. (Environmental Respect) I agree to respect the surrounding environment following the basic permaculture principles


Eight Areas of Responsibility

  1. I agree to be accountable and punctual in my attendance of community meetings.
  2. I agree to take responsibility for communicating my ideas and feelings.
  3. I agree to contribute time and energy to communal work(ie, MOOP Monday, Trash Tuesday, Kitchen Shifts), and will communicate when I am unable to participate in the communal work.
  4. I agree to clean and process all of my personal trash in the resource center.
  5. I agree to be open and communicate about my monetary contributions or payments..
  6. I agree to communicate with the community about guests and any changes in my personal situation which affect the community and/or my ability to contribute to it.
  7. I agree to take responsibility for myself, well-being, and energy.
  8. I agree to promptly inform the a core member serious violations of the “R&Rs” that I witness.