Version: 0.1


Viktor Hel and TLT

The after defending step occurs after both TLT shots. If Viktor rolls 2 green dice on each TLT shot, he will have rolled 4 total and his ability will trigger.  


Greedo and TLT

Both shots are part of the same attack, so if the second shot deals the first damage card then Greedo would flip it face up.

Tractor beam and Obstacles

When a ship is moved with tractor beam, the ship and maneuver template can both (or either, or neither) overlap an obstacle.  

The precedent used is other abilities (such as advanced slam) that refer to the ship overlapping an obstacle, but say nothing about the maneuver template.  In the case of advanced slam, it says “If you did not overlap an obstacle” (where “you” in x-wing always refers to the ship/pilot in question), and the FAQ states: “Overlapping an obstacle occurs when the maneuver template or the ship's final position overlaps an obstacle.”

The same would work both ways.  If overlapping occurs for both template and ship even the ability only mentions the ship, then being allowed to overlap would also include the maneuver template, even if not explicitly mentioned.


Omega Leader and Howlrunner

Omega Leader only prevents modifications provided by the Locked ship.  Any modifications that come from another source (another pilot or a card equipped to another pilot, such as Howlrunner or Lowhhrick, as well as sources specified in the FAQ like M9-G8 and Palpatine) still work.

The source of the modification is what matters, not who the card says “does” the modification (R7 astromech would make OL reroll his dice, but the source is from the locked ship so it doesn’t work.  Lowhhrick says the defender adds 1 evade, but the source is from Low, so it works, etc).