Version: 0.1


Thweek Mirror Match

Result is based on initiative.  If the Thweek with initiative targets the opponent's Thweek with Shadowed, they get no benefit. The Thweek without initiative CAN target the opponent’s Thweek to copy their pilot skill (that they copied from another pilot).


Thweek + Mimicked

Unlike Shadowed, Mimicked does not specify checking at a specific point in time, and does not say you don’t lose the pilot ability if it changes (or is lost).  As a result, if you mimick a pilot who loses their pilot ability due to Injured Pilot in the old damage deck, Thweek would also lose his pilot ability, and if you have inititaive and mimick an opponent’s thweek, your pilot ability would change to whatever ability they mimick (if they use Mimicked).


TLT + Harpooned

Because the attacking player controls both TLT and Harpooned, they resolve in the order of the attacker’s choice. You can choose to trigger Harpooned before the TLT’s crit is canceled or let Harpooned stay by canceling the TLT’s crit first.


Viktor Hel and TLT

The after defending step occurs after both TLT shots. If Viktor rolls 2 green dice on each TLT shot, he will have rolled 4 total and his ability will trigger.  


Greedo and TLT

Both shots are part of the same attack, so if the second shot deals the first damage card then Greedo would flip it face up.

Thweek and IG2000

The IG-2000 title adds another brobot’s ability to the mimicked bot’s ability. This means that Thweek would gain the ability of all other brobots with the IG-2000 title card.

Example: Thweek mimics IG88-A, IG88-A’s wingmate is IG88-C and both have the IG-2000 title card equiped. Thweek would have both abilities, because the IG2000 title card sets IG88-A’s ability to be the sum of both abilities. One brobot is then destroyed. Thweek now only has IG-88A’s ability because the IG-2000 title card stops working when one IG dies.

Note: Thweek makes dumb rule interactions but this combination of cards doesn’t do anything useful. Almost no one runs brobots without IG88-B, whose ability is worthless on Thweek. Be sure to put mimicked on the nonIG88-B bot and you’ll save everyone a headache.