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Hart County Historical Society Youth Historians COVID – 19 Pandemic Research Project


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The Hart County Historical Society’s youth historian group is asking the public of all age groups to help us in preserving the unique experience the local community has experienced since March 2020 when the entire country went into lockdown due to the COVID - 19 Pandemic.  We are asking you to send us a letter, with your own story and point of view, pertaining to how this pandemic has affected your day to day living situation and how it is still impacting you and your family.    If you have endured quarantine in your home, or you have struggled to keep your family and friend connections within the constraints of “social distancing”, we want you to share your stories.  Your story is the history of what our community has lived through in the past two years.  We want as many people as possible represented in our research as well as all age groups.  Your letter will benefit the generations who come after us.  You may email your letters, along with completing the release link below to . Or, you can mail your letter to:

Hart County Historical Society

Young Historians Project

PO Box 606

Munfordville, KY  42765

You may also drop off your letters and Written Release to the museum at 109 Main Street in Munfordville, KY.  

Thank you in advance for your support of our project!

Youth Historians

Hart County Historical Society


If you would prefer to mail your release in you may print this form and mail/drop it off with your letter.


First Name, Last Name:








Where are you originally from:

Anything else you wish to share?

I understand that this letter is part of scholarly research by the Young Historians Group with the Hart County Historical Society.  By signing, I acknowledge that the Hart County Historical Society has my permission to use my story in their educational efforts.

I give permission for the following (check all that apply):

____May be used for educational and research purposes at the Hart County Historical Society/Museum

____May include my name

____May be included in a school publication or exhibit

____May be include in another educational, nonprofit publication or exhibit

____May be used but DO NOT include my name

____May be deposited in a local, state, or regional archive

____Other (please describe)______________________________________________________________

_________________________________________                     _______________________

Signature of Contributor                                                Date

_________________________________________                   _______________________

Signature of Parent or Guardian if Contributor is a Minor                Date

Things to think about as your write about your unique experiences: