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     Work Experience

From 1.3.2020:  CNR - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Institute for Educational Technology - ITD

Technical staff: Financial reporting; scouting of funding opportunities; support in research grant applications; agreements with third parties.

From Jan. 1989 to Feb 2020 - various technical & administrative positions at Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche 

  • Sept 1.1.2017  to Feb 2020: CNR   Institute of Marine Engineering  (INM)  in Genova (formerly Institute of Intelligent Automation Systems)
    Technical secretariat: Support in financial reporting of national projects; support in drafting of  research grant applications; general and administrative assistance.

  • Sept 1999 to Dec 2016: CNR  Biophysics Institute IBF  in Genova
    Executive Assistant: administrative, organizational and general matters, management of official data for administrative reporting and scientific productivity evaluation, PR with external parties and IBF's internal divisions. Support to Director in establishing, interpreting and communicating procedures and policies. Pre-screening support in submission of European and national grant proposals. Assistance in negotiation of research grants and financial reporting of funds. Technical support for annual financial planning. Secretarial assistance, including documentation for meetings of advisory board. English language revision. Updating of official information published on IBF's public and restricted web sites. Support to IBF's internal divisions in recruitment and employment procedures. Support in applications for internal and external mobility of staff.
  • Apr-Jul 1999: International Affairs staff at former National Institute of Solid State Matter (INFM)
  • from 1995 to 1998: European project assistant for CNR's Naval Automation Institute (IAN)
  • from 1989 to 1992 : financial auditing service for CNR Institutes in Genova (Struttura decentrata della Liguria)

Freelance Translator

       Period: April 1992 - Dec. 1994

  • Research field: Italian-English/English-Italian translations and revisions of papers and project proposals/reports for Istituto Tecnologie Didattiche CNR; English-Italian translations in journal “TD” published by ITD-CNR; translations into English for Istituto Automazione Navale, Istituto Circuiti Elettronici and Area di Ricerca CNR.
  • For GGallery Editore: in 1992-94 and 1998-99, professional contract for Italian/English translations, including 18 tourist guides; “Christopher Columbus, His Motherland Liguria”, GGallery, 1992; on-site tourist panels in various cities in northern Italy providing art history information on local monuments and and historical sites
  • For local engineering firm: technical manuals and contracts

Personnel Office Assistant (temp)  at National Gallery of Victoria (Melbourne, Vic, Australia)

Address: St. Kilda Rd (former address), Melbourne Australia                   

Period: Oct. 1991 - Jan. 1992 
Updating of personnel database (leave, holidays and entitlements); contact point for job vacancy information; management of computerized organizational charts

Freight Department Assistant at Lykes Lines Inc. - American Shipping Company (Genova)

Address: P.zza Corvetto Genova    

Period: Jan. 1986 - Dec. 1988

Dissemination of instructions from US headquarters to Mediterranean agents via computer; updating of tariff rates for inland transport in the US; management of shipping documentation and cargo delivery issues; quotation of freight rates for inbound cargo; secretarial duties.

Freight Department Assistant at Fratelli Cosulich (Genova)

Address: via XX Settembre, Genova                                                              

Period: Aug. 1984 - July 1985
Freight rate quotations, container movements, brokerage

Telex operator  at Howard Doris Marine Ltd (offshore division) (London)

Address: Grosvenor Gardens, London UK                                                   

Period: Nov. 1982 -  April 1983
Telex transmission; filing; secretarial duties; occasional translations from French

Audiotypist - legal secretary at Studio Legale Mordiglia, Maritime Law Office (Genova)


Address: via XX Settembre, Genova                                                            

Period:  Aug. 1981 -  Sept. 1982
Audiotyping and shorthand correspondence; telex transmission; secretarial duties.


Final Diploma of the Institute of Linguists
(academic level certified by Italian Consulate in 2001)

Polytechnic of Central London (currently University of Westminster) on behalf of examining body Institute of Linguists - formerly Euston Centre, London

Completed 30 June, 1984                                                           Attendance period: Oct. 1982 – June 1984                      

Certificate attesting near-native command of English, recognised in the British public service as equivalent to a "B.A. in English" (academic value certified by the Italian Consulate in 2001

High School Diploma  - business administration and foreign languages
(Diploma di Scuola Superiore) 

Einaudi High School (ITC L. Einaudi) -  Genova

Completed 01 July, 1980                                                            Final score: 60/60

Curriculum Vitae

                    including description in Italian

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