A NEWTalk: Episode 3 Health and Africa

Part 1: Informative Essay:

Complete an informative essay based on our research on Health and Africa that answers the question:

Researchers and global leaders are predicting that by 2027 there will be a 214 trillion calorie deficit. How is the health of the global community affected by the way we consume, produce and control food?

Choose two of the following demands to form your thesis and develop your CER body paragraphs.

**Honor Students will write on all 3.

  1. Cost
  2. Health Risks
  3. Environmental Impact

  1. Introduction
  1. Global Food Crisis
  2. Claim/Thesis
  1. CER
  1. Claim--First supporting point
  2. Evidence
  3. Reasoning
  1. CER
  1. Claim--Second supporting point
  2. Evidence
  3. Reasoning
  1. Honors: CER
  1. Claim--Third supporting point
  2. Evidence
  3. Reasoning
  1. Conclusion
  1. Final Remarks

Part 2: Infographic:

Part 3: Formal Presentation

As a group, you will be utilizing the resources and research you have been studying in core to create a 5-7 minute live presentation for NEWTalk: Episode 3 that answering the guiding question.

Due Dates and Aligned Rubrics

Due Date



December 17th

Informative Essay

Informative Writing


Visual Design and Organization

Oral Presentation

Communication: Formal/Informal Presentation

Final Project Due Date is December 17th, 2018