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Hiram Monserrate



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Angel Audiffred—aaudiffred11@outlook.com

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City Council—21st District



Many New York City parents feel disenfranchised by the current system of mayoral control over public education and feel there are insufficient checks and balances. About two thirds of voters agree, according to the latest Quinnipiac poll.  Would you support changes to the system to give parents more voice in decision-making and/or provide checks and balances to the current system?

Which of the following changes to what is now called the Panel for Education Policy (the de facto Board of Education) would you support?   Please check as many as you like.



  • A directly elected Board of Education

  • A reconstituted Board of Education with a majority not appointed by the Mayor

  • Community Education Councils (CECs) selecting parent representatives to the Board of Education


  • Board of Education members with set terms, who cannot be fired at will by the mayor

  • The City Council having checks and balances over DOE policies as they do with other city agencies (municipal control)


Which of the following measures to ensure that parents and community members have a voice in their children’s schools would you support? Check as many as you like.



  • Expanding the powers of Community Education Councils, including the approval over school closings and co-locations

  • Restoring the authority of School Leadership Teams (SLTs) to develop school based budgets

  • Allowing school based committees or SLTs to select principals

  • Supporting the hiring of a DOE Ombudsperson to investigate and settle parent complaints


Do you have other proposals to provide a stronger parent voice and/or checks and balances in school governance?


Another important issue is standardized testing, test prep, and the use of test scores to evaluate schools, students, and teachers. What is your position on this matter? 

Would you support:



  • A teacher evaluation system not linked to test scores


  • Requiring that the Chancellor communicate to parents that they have a right to opt their children out of standardized testing without penalties to the students or their schools


  • Making admissions to all public schools based on more than test scores, including Gifted programs and the specialized high schools


Resources and equity

NYC schools have never received their fair share of funding from the state and many are still struggling with budgets below their Fair Student funding levels, despite surpluses at the state and city levels.  Class sizes have risen sharply, particularly in the early grades, where they remain at among the highest levels in more than 15 years.  At the same time, the NYC Chancellor has said that her main concern is that class sizes can be too small. A legal complaint has now been filed against the DOE with the state about its failure to reduce class size and comply with the Contracts for Excellence law. How would you go about guaranteeing the rights of all students and providing them with an equitable opportunity to learn?

More specifically would you:



  • Support full funding of schools at originally agreed upon CFE levels


  • Ensure that DOE comply with its original Contracts for Excellence class size reduction plan, to reduce class size in all grades


  • Require that NYC reduce class size, particularly in struggling schools


  • Support the creation of an office dedicated to school integration with a Deputy Chancellor whose sole responsibility is school desegregation and integration


  • Re-evaluate the school budgeting process, including Fair Student Funding formula, so that resources are distributed equitably and sufficiently among our schools


How would you ensure that children are provided with a well-rounded education, including art, music, science, and physical education, and how would you fund this?

The current funding procedures must be altered so that we can put more money directly into classrooms, instead of having exorbitant amount of monies given to consultants and the like. We must reduce waste in order for our children to benefit more from resources.

How would you go about developing and supporting measures to attract and retain experienced and high-quality teachers?

We need to consider given our hard-working teachers pay raises.

How would you ensure equitable distribution of resources so that every school has what it needs to provide a high quality education to all its students?

We must work with the DOE and other parties to analyze problem areas, as well as schools that are excelling and then understand where monies are most needed in order to ensure that every child has a chance to excel.

NYC is one of the most segregated school systems in the nation.  What are your plans for integrating our schools? Please be specific.

There are lots of things to consider—from testing to admissions process—to ensure that our schools reflect the wonderful diversity of our city. I would also recommend establishing a commission of education experts and parents that will look into this matter and make recommendations to the mayor.

DOE data reveal that more than 40 percent of special needs students in NYC are not receiving their full services or only partially receiving their mandated services or appropriate classroom placements.

How would you ensure that all students with disabilities receive their services more promptly?

As a Council member I know that much can be done by requiring DOE officials to testify before committees. We must hold officials into account so that services are provided adequately.


Any other comments on resources and/or equity?

School facilities

Overcrowding is a chronic and ever-worsening problem in NYC schools.  The city has underinvested in school facilities, resulting in most students attending schools in overcrowded and/or substandard conditions.  Expanded Pre-K, eliminating trailers, reducing class size, and implementing community schools with wrap-around services all require even more space. The Mayor’s plan to create hundreds of thousands of new market-rate and affordable housing will likely contribute to even more overcrowding. And yet the current capital plan does not have enough new seats to keep up with future enrollment growth, not to mention reducing class size according to DOE’s own estimates.  


Do you support any of the following measures?  Please check all that apply.



  • Mandate that the city annually release transparent needs assessments for new school capacity that take into account current overcrowding, loss of seats through TCU removal and lapsed leases, and enrollment projections


  • Require that developers provide space for schools in overcrowded areas or pay “impact” fees into a fund for school construction.


  • Reform the zoning laws so that schools must be built along with new housing.


  • Fully fund the capital plan so that all the projected need for seats is funded


Do you have any other proposals to address school overcrowding?

Charter Schools and Privatization

Charter schools are growing fast and now take more than $1 billion from the DOE’s budget and an increasing amount of space in our schools. There are also serious questions about whether they are complying with the law when it comes to providing due process for suspensions and students with disabilities, and enrolling and retaining equal numbers of high needs students.  

Would you:



  • Support the continued expansion of charter schools

  • Advocate for repealing the law requiring that NYC pay for charter school facilities or provide them with space inside DOE buildings

  • Enforce the provisions in the 2010 charter law that before charters are renewed or allowed to replicate, they must show they’ve enrolled equal numbers of high needs students, i.e. ELLs, SWDs and free lunch students

  • Support measures that require that the State Education Department and/or SUNY post statistics on every charter school’s suspension, enrollment and attrition rates, including for students in each of the high-needs categories

  • Support measures that require that charter schools be more transparent and post their board meeting times, board minutes, budgets etc.  

  • Oppose the Education Investment Tax Credit bill, which would award tax credits to wealthy donors who give to private and parochial schools  

There is also growing concern about the lack of transparency and number of contracts provided to for-profit vendors, and contracts awarded vendors with a history of corruption, abuse and/or mismanagement.


Would you:



  • Have the NYC Comptroller or his staff provide comments on contracts before they are approved by the PEP


  • Require more transparency for each proposed contract including the release of detailed information about each at least a month before the vote of the PEP


Any other comments on charters and/or privatization?

Open-ended questions 

Please summarize your record in public education as an individual, advocate or policymaker.

Please describe the ways in which you have demonstrated responsiveness to parental or community concerns

During my time in office I always had an open door policy in my district offices. The only way to respond to matters of concern is to provide spaces in which dialogue can take place. And I always provided swift action to issues as they arose.

What would be your top educational priorities if elected?

We must ensure that our children receive adequate resources and that means holding the DOE to task to make sure that our kids benefit from our public resources.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions.