Upper School Music Program changes for 2018-19

We are excited to announce an expansion to our music program at The Ambrose School! Look for the following changes in our music program starting this fall:  

Required 7th and 8th Grade Music Classes

All School of Logic students will be enrolled in three hours of music class each week. Students choose between choir (boys or girls), winds and percussion orchestra, or strings orchestra.

The goal of these required classes is for all Ambrose students to learn to read music and develop a strong foundation in singing or playing an instrument.

Expanded High School Choir and Orchestra

Also starting this fall, our two high school choirs will merge into a single choir that meets Monday-Friday during 5th hour.  

Orchestra will also expand to a 5-day-a-week class meeting during 5th hour.  

Meeting five days a week will allow our choir and orchestra classes to include more music theory, as well as give them more time to practice together.

Shakespeare, Bonhoeffer, Plato, Austen and our school board all agree--music is essential to a well-lived life.