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1:1 Computer Skills Tutor Plan
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1:1 Digital Literacy Skills Volunteer Tutor Plan (External Resources)

Before Class

  • Connect with the Learning Center Coordinator. Find out what digital literacy standards the learner needs to work on.
  • Match content here, with skills. Review the content you plan to teach prior to session.


  • Review and practice using key remote learning features for the video conference platform (sharing screens, entering and exiting full-screen mode, turning camera/mic on and off, using the chat box)
  • Introductions
  • Suggested warm-up questions: How often do you use a computer? What are your goals, why are you taking computer class? Have you taken computer classes before? What do you want to work on today? What did you work on last time in computer class?

 Goal Set

  • Together, set 1-3 goals from the External Resources page for your session. Type standards into the chat box. Discuss standards/goals in learner friendly language. For example:
  • 1. Identify the different ways a person can connect to the internet.
  • 2. Demonstrate knowledge of browsers and identify commonly used browsers.

Tutoring Session

Move through each goal with the learner. Click to find tutoring tips for each kind of resource:

 Text Resources                                  Activity Resources

Media Resources

Wrap Up

  • Suggested closing questions: What did you learn today? What is one thing that you learned that will help you meet your goal? Let’s look at our goals in the chat box again, Did we accomplish our learning goals today?
  • Remind learners of the next tutoring session meeting time. Thank them for learning with you today!

Challenges and Suggested Solutions from Literacy MN “Virtual Tutoring One-on-One”

Challenge: Talking over the computer inhibits comprehension

What you can do:

Challenge: Background Distractions

What you can do:

Challenge: The learner wants to communicate outside of class time

What you can do: