Dr. Justin M. Turner - Internal Medicine

> You don’t have to see your doctor at the office to get quality care.

> Be prepared and test your electronic devices in advance.

> Convenience is the new money. Be prepared for more telehealth options post-Covid-19

Kimberly Mason Peeples -  MS, LPC-S, NCC, ACS, BC-TMH (Counselor)

> Take at least 30 minute breaks throughout the day to do something that you enjoy and serves as a relief not a stressor.


> Minimize or limit your news and social media consumption in an effort to sustain your mental wellness, too much screen time can result in increased stress.


> Start journaling. Thoughts on paper allow for a cognitive release in times like this when our brains are overloaded.

Dr. Jasmine C. Hollinger, Dermatologist

Staying active during COVID-19

> The CDC recommends adults participate in a total of 150 minutes a week of moderate or vigorous  physical activity. It is important to keep or  start being active. Remember exercising although tough at times should be enjoyable. So do not forget to laugh, have fun, and make memories.

> Skin Cancer prevention: May is national skin cancer awareness month. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer by 70 years of age.  In addition to the use of sunscreen and sun protective behaviors antioxidants also play a valuable role in skin cancer prevention.

> Youthful skin can be determined by what you eat.

Ebonye Debose-Moore

Helpful mental health reminders:

> Be creative- find an old hobby or new hobby to focus on (gardening, painting, crafting, etc.)


> Unplug from the news or social media because too much overstimulation is not good for the brain.

> Get fresh air daily and at least 30 minutes of sunshine daily. Vitamin D is vital for healthy brain functioning.