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#WriteOut2019 October13-27, 2019
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#WriteOut2019  October 13-27, 2019


Gathered to support #WriteOut 2019, we hope these resources prompt some ideas and entry points into exploring, creating and connecting. We welcome additional resource recommendations; please post them to social media with the #WriteOut hashtag or email us directly at

Participating & Connecting

Crowdsourced! Meet Up to #WriteOut

Join the National Parks Service and the National Writing Project in person for #WriteOut Events in your area. Check the list below to see what’s happening across the county from October 13-October 27. Don’t see one nearby? Consider adding your own event.

A Spectrum of Sharing

Wondering how to share what you create as you #WriteOut? This spectrum of sharing document provides a variety of options.

@WriteOutConnect and #WriteOut

Follow the new handle for this event, @WriteOutConnect, and share your own work by adding the #WriteOut to social media posts.

Thinking about Place

About Place-based Learning

A variety of resources gathered to support place-based learning across a range of spaces, places and communities.

Crowdsourced! Local Place-Based Resources

Add to our list of specific local resources you can use and/or add your own.

Online Primary Document Databases

A curated list of online primary document databases to help unearth the hidden stories of place.

Making & Creating

Host a #WriteOut Writing Marathon

Read more about the Writing Marathon. Download an infographic to guide your #WriteOut Writing Marathon.

Gather your community at a Writing Party

What is a Writing Party? Learn about the Community Literacy Center at the University of New Hampshire’s party and then feel free to remix these resources to make them your own!

Places We Love: Photos and Places We Love: Poem Playlists & Badges

These youth-facing playlists and badges (13+) support youth in exploring a place that they love through photos and/or poetry. They require youth login to the LRNG platform which offers open badges for successful completion of playlists; NWP educators support the badge assessment and mentor guides are also available.

KQED Teach Making with Media

KQED Teach offers a collection of free, hands-on professional learning opportunities for teachers focused supporting digital media making in the classroom.

Integrating Science and Writing

Take Another Look/Mapping Phenomena ActivityAdapted from a Science in the Park resource by the National Writing Project, this activity is inspired by Bob Tierney article: Let’s Take Another Look At the Fish and focus on exploring the concept of phenomena in your place.

Think Like a Scientist: Discover your Park Playlist Created by Pocono Writing Project teachers and Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area (DEWA) Rangers for use at DEWA and other regional parks. Meant to be used as a self-guided resource for younger children and families.

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