Disaster Response Fellowship

2018 Mission Trip

Dates:  March 16 – March 25

Recommended Donations:    

Ask your individual church for some pulpit time to share the needs in Houston and offer opportunities for them to help through donations

Individual Gear:

Health Restriction: For the health of everyone on trip, if you have fever or have vomited in the last 48 hours before trip, please don’t come and share with everyone else.  As we have experienced in past trips, viruses travel through groups quickly.

Treats: Everyone should bring a closed container of HOMEMADE cookies or bars.  One per family or individual (if not with a family).  Gladware or ice cream buckets are great for storing.  Because of bugs down south, the container MUST seal.  Packaged cookies are usually not eaten, so please bring homemade.

Frozen Meals: If you signed up for lasagna or chicken tetrazzini, please bring that FROZEN in disposable tin.  This also MUST BE homemade.  In past years, the frozen ones are not eaten.  Thank you for honoring this.

Food Donations: cheese, cheese curds, sausage sticks, fruit snacks, granola bars, paper towels are appreciated and needed.  If you can donate any of these, prior drop off to the Phillip or McCoy household would be appreciated if at all possible so they can be packed in advance. These donations will be used for our teams and our Thursday Evening Community Meal

Clothing: Please bring modest clothing.  Even off the work sites, girls should wear modest shirts and pants or Bermuda length shorts.  No spaghetti straps or tank tops.  Jeans should not be ripped.  No muscle shirts for guys.  Thanks.


Van Seating:  We work hard to coordinate van placement and keeping younger kids with parents and others with the same sex.  Your cooperation and appreciation for the hard work that entails is a blessing.


Servant's Heart: We will have 80 – 90 people going on this trip between the Sheboygan / Milwaukee area and Tucson, AZ.  A spirit of cooperation is needed from everyone.  Please start praying now for God to show you ways to be a servant, for the unity of the trip as a whole, and that we would grow closer to each other and Him throughout this venture. A great phrase to memorize and repeat is: "That's just how I like it!"

Special Diets: Medically necessary food diets MUST BE prearranged with either Claudia or Linda prior to the trip.  Please keep in mind we cannot accommodate diet preferences as we are making food for 80-90 people.




(Wisconsin Group) Friday evening: (March 16)

(Tucson Group) Friday evening: (March 16)

Saturday afternoon:


Monday – Wednesday:




Sunday: (March 25) -

(Wisconsin Team)

(Tucson Team)




Prayer Partners:

                    Saturday night you will be introduced to your prayer partners.  Because of the size of the entire group, that may look like 4-5 people in a prayer team.  You will have the opportunity every night to get together after devotions to share your prayer requests and pray with each other.  If you are not comfortable praying out loud, that is ok.  Other people in your group will be comfortable praying, but don’t let that stop you from sharing your requests.



                    Every morning and evening of the trip we have the privilege of meeting as a group for devotions.  We will have different teams from the group that will lead us in devotions.  Again, because of the size, everyone may not have the opportunity to lead a group devotion.  If you feel strongly about NOT being part of a devotion team, please share that desire with either Tom Phillip, Mark McCoy or John Phillip so we can consider that when organizing groups.  The devotions should last about 15-20 minutes.  This is a time to share what God has been putting on your heart, read a relevant Scripture, give a testimony, special song, or whatever you as a group are led to share.  Set aside preparation time with your team so you are ready when it is your turn to lead.



                    Several nights of the trip we will hand out awards to different people who have stood out on their work teams for what they have accomplished or their servant attitude.  There will be several people in charge of giving out the awards, so when you see someone go above and beyond, let the award team know so that person is able to be recognized during the week.        It can be for things like “fastest dry-wall’er of the day” to “always served with a smile.”  Be creative and have fun encouraging one another.  We try to stay away from silly awards in order to keep the focus on character qualities.


Affirmation Bags:

                    Early in the week everyone will receive a small paper bag to write their name on.  All the bags will be hung in a specific spot.  During the week, take the opportunity to encourage and bless different people by writing little notes and putting them in their bag.  Because of the large amount of people, DO NOT wait until the last day to do this.  Try to use some of your free time to write a couple notes.  Be aware of people who might really need a little encouragement; listen to the Holy Spirit as He puts on your heart who He wants you to reach out to.