Junior Physical Therapist

Our promise to you is to help you be your professional best.

You may be a new graduate or a newer physical therapist, and you are a hard working, team player, who wants the best for their patients. You’re looking for a place where you can learn, grow and practice the way you envisioned from your first exposure to physical therapy.

You are eager to learn and continue your professional development in a formal mentorship program. You believe there is more to patient care than just clinical competence and even expertise. You have a burning desire to work on connecting with patients, as well as your clinical skills.

We are a team who are committed to our patients and to each other. We believe management’s role is to support, coach and foster the success and professional growth of every team member. We believe the coach is only successful when the team is.

We stick by our Core Values, which are outlined below. They are not just a list we put in a frame on the wall. We live them and hold each other to them. They guide our behaviors and decision making each and every day.

You’ll be happy to know that our benefits are great too. We offer a generous continuing education allowance, a formal clinical mentorship program, APTA dues reimbursement, health, vision, dental, (8 paid) holidays, commuter benefit for public transit, and 25 days paid time off (PTO) each year.

We give back to the community through workshops, volunteering, talks at local organizations and most recently through Facebook Live educational videos. Our PT lecture series brings in experts from around the globe (literally) and is open to PTs and healthcare providers throughout the Bay Area.

We’re proud of the practice we’ve built and hope you will join us to learn, grow, and practice at the top of your game.  

You will love being part of our team if you love learning, caring deeply for your patients, and want to work on a truly collaborative team.

If you are still reading this, it is very likely that you will love being part of our team.

Please read on for more about the job and how to apply.

To Apply: Please send your resume/CV along with the answers to the following questions to ptcareersfinalist@sfsspt.com.

Why do you want to join the team at San Francisco Sport and Spine Physical Therapy?

Describe a time when you exceeded a customer/patient’s expectations.
Describe a time when you failed at something and how you handled it. What did you learn?


Junior Physical Therapist

San Francisco Sport and Spine Physical Therapy

This is what we call a role scorecard. It is a job description of sorts that tells you exactly what is important in the junior physical therapist position and how performance is measured.

Read on to see if you think you’re a fit with us. And learn more about us at www.SFPhysicalTherapy.com

Functional Role

Junior Physical Therapist

This role reports to:        

Clinical Director

Who reports to this role:


Purpose of the role:        

To deliver on the company’s brand promise to get people better and create happy patients, while developing clinical and professional skills.

Key Accountabilities:



- See 4 new patients & 45 total visits per week

- Manage Schedule to achieve productivity                

- Complete accurate and timely documentation        

- Complete accurate and timely charge entry                

- Complete accurate and timely reports to referring providers

- Comply with relevant regulations, State & Federal

- Participate in Mentorship Program

- Actively seek out clinical and professional development opportunities

- Participate in weekly Employee Development Meetings

Company Core Values:        

  • Give Respect. Earn Respect.
  • Do Good by Putting Patients First.
  • Be Self-Aware.
  • Practice Legally, Ethically and Honestly.
  • Act Now. Do It Today. Get Results.
  • Strive for Excellence and Knowledge.
  • Listen to Understand. Ensure Clarity. Engage with Candor.
  • Display your Optimism.                                 
















Recruiting Requirements:

Behavioral Competencies:

1 - Customer Focus                      6 - Energy

2 - Team Player                            7 - Resourcefulness/initiative

3 - Self Awareness                       8 - Decision Making

4 - Integrity                                   9 - Analysis/Problem Solving

5 - Adaptability                             10 - Time Management

Qualifications (Mandatory):

Physical Therapy Degree

California Physical Therapy License (or pending)

CPR Certification



  • Demonstrates professional, organizational, and communication skills
  • Be Coachable
  • Able to communicate clearly and with sensitivity
  • Able to use empathic listening techniques
  • Able to demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Able to demonstrate clear and rational clinical reasoning
  • Maintains and complies with patient confidentiality and integrity on all patient matters
  • Interacts in a positive manner, and communicates well with referring providers, clinical staff, office staff, patients and management



  • Between 0-2 years of out-patient physical therapy clinical experience        
  • At least 2 years work experience

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