SPSD website Strategic Questions with Answers

 February 8, 2020 (Boarding Briefing)


1.          Have the board considered what parking will look like for the new comprehensive high school on the SASA property?

-This type of planning will take place once the architect and construction management firm has been selected.

2.           What will transportation look like for students going to the new proposed school locations?

-The transportation routes will be determined once the new sites for the schools become official.

3.           Have there been any conversations regarding next steps if the bonds are not passed?

-No at this point in the planning process, there has not been any conversation relative to the bond not passing.

4.           Are we hiring new teachers and where are you hoping to recruit them from? Will this also be a part of the marketing tasks?

-Yes we will need to hire new staff members.  We will be recruiting all across the state.

5.           Will SPSD be selling any of the closed buildings?

-If there are viable offers the board will consider those.

6.           Will SPSD be meeting with parents prior to students being sent to Success Academy?

-Yes parents will be met with as part of the entry process for students recommended to attend the Success Academy.

7.           Saginaw Public Schools are not listed as a school location in the housing market. How can SPSD be listed with the market as the school district for those seeking housing in the area?

-We will have to check with the local real estate association.

8.           What other districts are you looking at the mirrors Saginaw Public Schools that have success rates with the plans such as the one you are proposing?

-There were six districts that comparison data was analyzed as part of the plan with five of the districts having to go through a consolidation at the high school level. (Southfield Public Schools, Jackson Public Schools, Pontiac Public Schools, Carrollton Public Schools, Saginaw Township Community Schools and Flint Community Schools).

9.           Will SPSD consider offering technology classes for students at the elementary level as the M- STEP requires the use of technology, etc.,

-Yes that is a consideration if we can afford the staffing for the positions.

10.   Has there been consideration to close or reduce open enrollment for Middle School so that one Middle school does not drain the other?

-Yes reducing and/or eliminating open enrollment is a consideration as part of re-opening a Middle School.

11.   What will the Middle School programming look like? Will there be more course offerings? Athletics?


12.    Will 6th grade be added back to the middle school setting?


13.   For the English, Math, and other additional High school classes, will you consider not only   full- time teachers, but part- time like at the universities?  This may allow for a better recruitment process.

-At this time, part-time teachers are not a consideration.

14.   Will you expand your recruitment search to universities in the South? It will be helpful as a part of the recruiting process?


Comment from Board member Ruth Ann Knapp: “I would like to see a more comprehensive plan for the Arts.”

Web Questions

  1. Can the City of Saginaw plan for improving public facilities funds assist with the districts’ objectives #3 plan?

-We feel that the plan for improving facilities will help with all five goal areas of the strategic plan.

  1. Goal #1 Operations - Are the firms using to assist with Bond and Architectural decisions being paid with the bond funds and have they assisted the district with prior decisions?

-We have not determined the appropriate funding source for the firms to date and that process will have to follow the Request for Proposal format.

  1. Can this plan be completed without the bond?


  1. It seems the new construction is intended for the center of Saginaw, are there any intention of having gifted students apply when obtaining grade level? It seems they would already be in the area joining Heritage, Swan Valley or other Saginaw/Thomas Township districts.

-The school that is intended for the center of Saginaw will not be an admissions only school, any student in the attendance area will be allowed to attend given they meet certain credit and conduct requirements.

  1. I read the response when the decision is made, will the chosen firms have worked for SPSD before? Whether under a different name or not?

-Yes we will give consideration to those firms that have experience working with Saginaw Public Schools.

  1. African American Literature is being offered as an elective for English, why can’t it be offered as an social studies credit? Can U.S. and World History can be taught within the same class?

-Literature is an English elective.  We will also offer African American History which will yield a Social Studies credit.  No, U.S. and World History have to be taught separately.

  1. will any funds be asked for to assist with demolition?

-Yes we will determine the amount needed for demolition

  1. May I ask what is the request for proposal format?

-Request for Proposal is a legal format that is required when the cost of the work will exceed a set state threshold giving multiple companies an opportunity to bid for the job.

  1. How many current employees of SPSD will have to pay the proposed bond increase through property owned in the City and County of Saginaw?

-Employee addresses are not public information.