Schedule -  

Practices Tuesdays and Thursdays

7:15 - 8:30 am


Mr. Froehlich

Ms. Danberg

All practices and games will be “in house” with no travel.  Teams will be made up randomly and will change on a daily basis

Participants are expected to wear their gym clothes/ volleyball attire to practice and put their bags on the stage during practice

It is expected that participants will hand sanitize before practice as well as after.  We will try to social distance as much as possible.  Participants are recommended to wear masks whenever possible

We will disinfect equipment once practice is done.

Please email me if you have any questions.

Mr. Froehlich

And here is your 2020 Grade 7 Team

Danelle Steffen

Abi Wiseman

Raya Huisman

Young Soriano

Tessa Horvath

Kaivry Bosse-Funk/Nicklefork

Charlie Neilsen

Jorja Hicks

Ellie Isberg

Helena Chester

Meya Goy

Haylee Andal

Jamille NG

 Sophie Tremblay

Ashya Siermachesky

Juliana Stai

Ava Claypool

Rebecca Alexander

Breelyn March

Kelli Madraga

Brynn Thornton

Julia Macariola

Andrea Cay