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Landscape maintenance companies
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Gardeners, landscape maintenance, and tree rescuer companies

The following companies have self-identified as having experience and expertise in maintaining gardens with native plants and naturalized landscape or in removing invasive vines that are threatening trees.

Landscape maintenance companies

Deehan Landscaping 

MowCow Lawn and Landscape

(703) 425-5630 

(Primarily works on individual residential properties)

Native Roots Landscaping
Thomas Schneider

Northern Virginia Property Services

Manuel Rivas

(571) 991-5475  

Also sells local-ecotype native trees

Oaktree Property Care

(703) 862-8733

Also able to address numerous invasive plants including, porcelain berry, bittersweet and the dreaded Tree of Heaven using the “hack and squirt” technique to control larger trees.

Terra Landscape and Design

Jared Allan 

Green Steeze

Stephanie Johnson

Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William Counties

Little Foot, Inc
Lawn care only. Electric mowers and leaf blowers.
Service Areas: City of Falls Church, McLean, Tysons, Vienna, Merrifield, and North Arlington

Quetzal Lawn & Landscape

                   Victor Lopez




Del Ray Landscapes

Brian Schmauder


Metro Garden Works

Maraea Harris
Also does plant identification and invasive removal.

I am in Arlington so Alexandria/Arlington and Fairfax are my primary areas but I am also an arborist and travel to other areas for tree consultations so given the right circumstances, I can sometimes travel further if needed.

Hands Dirty DC

John Snellgrove
Throughout Northern Virginia
Also offers maintenance services for conservation landscapes.

Tree Rescuers (from invasive non-native vines)

Companies that can do tree rescues in addition to their regular services (self-identified)

(For companies that specialize in invasives removal, see this page on invasives plant management.)  

MowCow Lawn and Landscape

(703) 425-5630 

Native Roots Landscaping

        Thomas Scheider 

The Grounds Guys

        Andre Passos 

Green Steeze

Stephanie Johnson

Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William Counties

OakTree Property Care

David Freeman

District Native Plants

Peter Corbino

Services anywhere in the DMV.

Also invasive plant identification and removal.

To suggest other companies, email

Note: To use herbicides, for example on the cut stumps of invasive non-native vines, a commercial applicator must have a certified pesticide applicator license.

Tree rescues will be a new undertaking for most companies. They may need help to learn the proper techniques - Blue Ridge Prism is a great resource for that - and to recognize which vines are invasive and which should be spared because they are native. See this page for online learning resources in English and Spanish. Hands-on vine ID workshops are held periodically in some parks. We also have volunteers who can meet them on commercial properties to show them the ropes.

Winter is an excellent time for control of invasive trees, shrubs, and vines. Landscaping companies have more time for extra projects then.