1. TEAM ROSTERS: All players, including added players during the season, must sign their team's roster/waiver BEFORE they start to play.  If a player is not signed in on the roster before the playoffs, then they are not eligible for the playoffs. Playing with ineligible players may result in a forfeit. This call will be made by SFCS staff.  It is the responsibility of the team captains to make sure all players in their line-up card are eligible players for all games.
  1. ELIGIBLE PLAYERS: All players, including added players, must sign their team's roster/waiver BEFORE the end of their team's 6th regular season game in order to be eligible to play in the playoffs. If a player is not signed in on the roster by then, they are not eligible for the playoffs. Playing with ineligible players may result in a forfeit. This call will be made by SFCS staff.  It is the responsibility of the team captains to make sure all players in their line-up card are eligible players for all games.
  1.  RAINOUTS: Please check the website or register to receive text alerts from our rainoutline.com app here: http://rainoutline.com/search/dnis/7863733122
  1. Rainouts are automatically rescheduled to the end of the season and playoffs will be moved back.  SFCS reserves the right to cancel partial seasons based on excessive rainouts.


Being in South Florida, we do happen to experience our fair share of weather issues.  Game stoppage could be for any reason that prevents us from finishing a game (weather, lightning, lights malfunction, running out of time on the field, park error, injury….etc).  Games that are in progress will be considered a legal game and score based on the following rules:

  1. BATTING LINEUPS: Lineups must be presented to the umpire before each game by game time.  Once the lineup cards have been submitted to the umpire, they become official and you may add players to the bottom only. All substitutions must be given to the umpire as being made.  
  1. When batting 3 girls you are allowed to bat 8 guys
  2. When batting 4 girls you are allowed to bat 9 guys
  1. Top 3 girls have to be in the top 10 of the lineup and cannot bat back to back
  1. MINIMUM PLAYERS: A minimum of 7 players (minimum 1 woman) from the team's roster must be present 10 minutes after game time or the team will forfeit the game. When the women who are not there would normally be up to bat they are automatic outs. (Game clock WILL start at game time)
  2. LATE PLAYERS: Any players arriving after the first pitch of the game (not already placed on the line-up card) must be placed at the end of the batting order. If the player bats in any other spot, it is considered an automatic out. If a girl shows up late, they may go into the automatic out spots on the line-up card. Captains must notify umpire of any changes to line-up cards. If a roster player shows up late, they are allowed to be put in the lineup, at the end of the order, throughout the game.
  3. INJURED PLAYERS: If a player is injured during a game, captain must notify umpire to remove injured player from lineup card with no additional penalty. An injured player that has been removed from lineup cannot return to the game.
  4. PICKUP PLAYERS: Pick-up players are NOT allowed during the playoffs. Any pick up players during the regular season must be signed on a SFCS roster for another team for that particular night/location. Failure to do so, even if discovered after the fact, may result in a forfeit. Pickups must be brought to the attention of the umpire BEFORE the game or may be assessed a 4 run per pick-up player penalty. Teams may pick-up up to three players at no penalty in order to field a minimum team number (10 fielding players, example: 5 men and 5 women does NOT allow a free pickup). If more players from your team show up to allow subs, the free pickup player must be removed.

****Any League Starting after 12/1****

  1. Pickup players must be added to the end of the lineup!
  2. Pickup player penalty
  1. Male player = -2 runs
  2. Female player = -1 runs
  1. FORFEITS: Forfeit time is 10 minutes after game time. Umpire calls game time. If a team forfeits twice within the season they may not be allowed to play in the playoffs. A forfeit will be counted as a 7-0 win.
  1. THE COUNT: Each batter starts with 1 Ball & 1 Strike
  2. PITCHING WITH A "strike mat" - will be used to determine balls and strikes. If the softball touches any part of the mat on a legal pitch (4'-10'), it will be considered a strike. Pitches touching any part of the plate WILL BE considered a strike as well (Because of the small size of the strike mat and the difficulty of pitching, the strike zone includes the plate to promote teams to swing more and give pitchers a larger target).
  3. GAME TIMES: Games will last 7 innings or 55 minutes, whichever comes first.  A new inning starts when the last out is completed. Weather may force some games to end early.  All innings in progress after 55 minutes will be completed.  4 innings is a legal game (teams may tie, except for playoffs).
  1. Special Field Times:
  1. Peacock Park will run 50 minute games.  The lights shut off at 10pm on the dot!
  1. FIELDING RATIOS: Teams may not have more than 7 men in the field defensively.  A full defense of ten players would be 7 men and 3 women (or more women with less men).
  1. Wednesday Night @ Flamingo park is 8 men and 2 women
  1. COURTESY RUNNERS: You are only allowed two courtesy runners per inning. Runners will be the same sex/last out (or furthest in lineup card if no out).
  2. NO DESIGNATED FIELDERS: Any player playing the field must bat at some point during the game and must be on the batting lineup card while in the field (may share a spot).
  3. 10 RUN RULE:. When a team brings in the 10th run of the inning, it is counted and is also the 3rd out. In the final 10 minutes of the game (or the 7th inning), the 10 run per inning rule does not apply (unless the team that has scored 10 runs is up by 20 or more runs). This DOES NOT apply during playoffs (see below). The only exception to the run limit rule, is if a team has runners on base and the hitter hits a homerun, all runs for that play will be counted even if the score is over 10 (13 is the maximum of runs a team can score if a home run is hit with the bases loaded and 9 runs have come in previous to that at bat)
  1. 10 Run Rule, does not apply for innings starting after the 10 minute mark.
  1. FOUL BALLS: Batters are OUT on 3rd strike fouls.  No courtesy fouls
  2. MERCY RULE: 20 runs after 3 innings; 15 runs after 4 innings; 10 runs after 5 innings
  3. NET RULE: When a batter hits the net, it will be considered a foul ball.
  1. The net has to stay in between the whole mound, you can only move the net before each inning
  2. You may move the net down during a play
  1. RUNNERS: Stealing bases and "leading" is not allowed (will result in an out). SLIDING IS PERMITTED.  If the ball beats a runner to a forced out base in time to peel off, the runner must do so or both runners may be called out.
  1. Runners are allowed to stand off 1st or 3rd base (adjacent) if concerned about being hit by a line drive from a batter.  Runners cannot advance until ball is put in play and runners must touch the base to continue advancing.  (This is an unwritten rule, but common practice for safety concerns).  
  1. POSITIONING OF OUTFIELDERS: When a female is batting, all outfielders must stay outside of the outfield line until the ball is hit. If this rule is violated, the following procedure will take place: If the player hits the ball, the ball remains alive until the umpire calls time out. The umpire will then decide which is more advantageous to the batting team, the hit ball or an automatic pass to first base. If the ball is not hit, an automatic pass to first base is given.  If there is no coed line in the outfield, outfielders must maintain a position a minimum of 10 feet from the infield dirt.  
  2. GAME BALLS: Balls will be switched for men and women. It is the pitcher’s responsibility to switch the balls.  
  1. Men will be using a 12 inch  Dudley Thunder Heat USSSA Classic M
  2. Women will be using an 11 inch Dudley Thunder Heat USSSA Classic W
  1. HOME RUNS. There is a 3 homerun limit for men with 1-Up.
  1. The Homerun “One Up Rule”: is in effect after a team has reached 3 homeruns. ... C. If a team is -1 in home runs relative to their opponent, that team may hit two consecutive home runs, moving them from -1, to even, to +1. For example: Team A hits their 3rd home run.  If another batter from Team A hits a homerun before the Team B hits their 3rd homerun, the batter will be  immediately declared out.  Team B hits Their 3rd  home run, which evens each team’s homerun total at 3.  Team B can then hit another homerun in that inning (moving to +1 over Team A), but hitting another homerun (+2) would result in that batter being declared out..                    
  1. RETRIEVING BALLS OUT OF PLAY: If all available softballs are hit out of play, the umpires are given the right to call balls and strikes on the offending teams if balls are not brought back into play on a timely manner causing a delay in the game.
  2. WALKS: If a guy is walked and the next scheduled batter is a woman, she must bat unless the team has two outs - in which case she will have the option of hitting or taking a walk. Regardless of the number of outs, the guy will advance to second if walked with a woman as the next scheduled batter. If the next batter is a "missing" woman and the team is forced to take an out, the guy automatically advances to second base (with all other runners advancing accordingly) before the automatic out is recorded.  There is no limit on runs walked in. It is the team on the field reasonability to be aware of the girl un-deck. If the girl is not un-deck, the walk rule will not apply.
  3. POSITION OF FIELDERS: A defensive player may not impede a runner’s progress by standing in the baseline, unless the defensive player is fielding a batted ball. In this instance the defensive player has the right to field it and the runner must avoid contact with the fielder.  A defensive player may not block a base unless they have possession of the ball. Defensive players must catch the ball, block the base, then make the tag- in this order. Blocking of the bag without the ball shall result in an obstruction call, a warning to the offending player, and the runner will be awarded the base. In games where an orange "extra base" is being used at first base players must step on the orange base when overrunning first base, or when there is a legitimate play at first base (ball still in the infield).  Players stepping on the white base in these instances may be called out.  Balls that have gotten past the infielders and have reached the outfield will allow the runner to touch the white base in an attempt to advance to second base.  When in doubt runners should touch the orange base to avoid being called out.
  1. DISPUTES AND PROTESTS: In a disputed play, only the team captain may discuss the play with the umpire. If a protest is made by the team captain, the captain must notify the umpire and opposing team captain before the next pitch.
  2. DUGOUTS: All players must remain in the dugout. Only the 3rd base coach , 1st base coach and undeck hitter can be outside of the dugout. An out maybe recorded if team does apply by the rule.
  3. EJECTIONS:  Players ejected from any league may be required to serve a one game suspension pending league review (this may include a 2nd game of a night if a team has a doubleheader and is the call of SFCS field staff). Fighting, wrestling, or pushing will not be tolerated and may result in multi-game suspensions or ejection from the league altogether. Verbal abuse of officials or players, fighting, foul language, and continued rough play could result in player ejections.  See CODE OF CONDUCT POLICY HERE
  4. FAKE TAGS AND VERBAL/PHYSICAL DISTRACTIONS: No fake tag outs or yelling at a defensive player as they are making a play will be allowed. Doing so MAY result in the runner being called safe (fake tags) or out (verbal distraction) and possible ejection of the offending player.
  5. THROWING BATS: Intentionally throwing the bat in anger or frustration after your turn up to bat will result in an automatic out for the batter and may result in player’s ejection, upon umpire's discretion.
  6. PROFANITY: Profanity will not be tolerated and may be grounds for players being called out or ejected on the discretion of the umpire. See CODE OF CONDUCT POLICY HERE
  7. ALCOHOL is prohibited from all City & County parks unless others noted.  Teams caught drinking are risking the permit for everyone in the league.  Head to the bar after the game and don’t be “THAT GUY” that screws everyone else out of being able to play.  This could lead to a warning or forfeiting of games and possible team removal.
  1. ELIGIBLE PLAYERS:Only players that have signed the roster/waiver and participated in at least two games of the regular season are eligible to play in the playoffs.  Teams may add players to their roster up until their 6th regular season game.
  2. FORMAT: Tournament is single elimination with seeding based on regular season standings. All teams make the tournament.
  3. SEEDING: Tournament seeding will be based on the following criteria (based on won-lost percentage where applicable): 1) winning percentage, 2) head-to-head play (if 3 or more teams are tied this means head to head record amongst all tied teams),  3) Overall Run Differential for the season 4)  Overall runs scored  5) coin flip.
  4. EXTRA INNINGS (PLAYOFFS ONLY): There will be extra innings during tournament games where play ends in a tie. Extra innings will start with a runner on second base (base runner is the one who made the last out in the previous inning).  Each batter receives 1 pitch.
  5. UNLIMITED RUNS: There is no 10 run per inning rule.  A team may score an unlimited number of runs per inning.
  6. MERCY RULE: 15 runs after 4 innings: 10 runs after 5 innings
  7. TIMED GAMES: All games will be 55 minutes in length (or 7 innings).  Games will still be subject to the rainout rule.
  8. REGULAR SEASON 8th GAME: sometimes a team may play more then the 7 regular season games due to an odd number of teams.  If the team plays an 8th game the score stats and win/loss for the 8th game will count toward standings for that team (not just the team with 7 games).
  9. Dugouts are reserved for players only.  Spectators will be removed at umpire’s discretion.
  1. BATS
  1. Any player under the age of 50 years old, is not allowed to use a Senior Bat.
  2. PENALTY: The first time a team comes to the plate with an illegal bat, the batter is considered out and opposing team awarded 3 bonus runs. The second time the team uses an illegal bat, the batter is out and ejected with possible league suspension.  Each individual is responsible for using legal bats. SFCS and the umpires reserve the right to disallow a bat should it be thought the bat may have been doctored.  If a bat is used and proven to be doctored (i.e. painted over, "corked", shaved, etc) this will result in the immediate ejection of the person using the bat and the owner of the bat, and the owner/user may possibly be suspended for the remainder of the season or longer, as this is a safety issue.
  1. Helmets are used at the discretion of each team.  Batters, runners, and infielders are permitted to wear a helmet or face guard for safety purposes.  Teams/players are responsible for supplying their own helmets.
  2. GLOVES: Players may use any type of softball/baseball glove.  
  3. CLEATS: No metal spikes are allowed. Wearing metal cleats is an ejectable offense.
  4. JEWELRY: No jewelry can be worn during the games, for the safety of all players.

If you are having difficulty interpreting the rules, please ASK!  ALL UMPIRE RULINGS ARE FINAL

If a rule is not stated above, please refer to USSSA Softball Rules.  Club Sport reserves the right to add or make changes to rules to satisfy sportsmanship and fair play.