Anelise Shrout                C.V.

Anelise Hanson Shrout

Bates College /


Ph.D., New York University, History, 2013

A.B. with honors, University of Chicago, History, 2006


Bates College, Digital and Computational Studies. Assistant Professor, 2018-present

California State University Fullerton, History.  Assistant Professor,  2016-2018

Davidson College, Digital Studies. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, 2014-2016

Davidson College, Department of History.  Visiting Assistant Professor, 2013-2014

College of Staten Island, Department of History. Lecturer. 2012


Long-Form Projects

The Digital Almshouse Project (

Aiding Ireland, Saving Ourselves; Famine and the Politics of Global Philanthropy. (book manuscript in progress)

Short-Form Projects

“Centering First-Generation Students in the Digital Humanities” with Jamila Moore-Pewu, essay under review for the Debates in DH book series.

“Philanthropy in the Early Republic,” forthcoming (A Companion to U.S. Foreign Relations, Colonial Era to the Present.)

“(Re)Humanizing Data: Digitally Navigating the Bellevue Almshouse.” (Volume 1, 2018, Current Research in Digital History)

 “’Starting From Scratch’? Workshopping New Directions in Undergraduate Digital Humanities” with Caitlin Christian Lamb.   (Vol. 11, No. 3, 2017, Digital Humanities Quarterly) co-authored with Caitlin Christian-Lamb

“A ‘Voice of Benevolence From the Western Wilderness’: Native Philanthropy and Political Critique in the Trans-Mississippi West” (Winter 2015, Journal of the Early Republic)

“Visualizing Isis: A Geospatial and Topical Analysis of the History of Science” Visual Insights: A Practical Guide to Making Sense of Data, (MIT Press, 2014) with David Hubbard, Anouk Lang, Kathleen Reed and Lyndsay Troyer

“Teaching Digitally” Graduate History Student Association Teaching Handbook (2014)

“An Entangled World: Loyalties, Allegiances and Affiliations in the Long Eighteenth Century“ Early American Studies, 11:1 (January 2013) co-authored with Jerusha Westbury

“Forming Nations, Reforming Empires: Atlantic Polities in the Long Eighteenth Century” a special issue of Early American Studies, 11:1 (January 2013) co-edited with Jerusha Westbury

 “The Famine and New York City” in The Atlas of the Great Irish Famine, 1845-52, ed. John Crowley, William J. Smyth (Cork University Press, 2012)

Reviews in Journal of American History (December 2016)

Mark J. Noonan’s Reading the Century Illustrated Magazine (Kent State University Press, 2010) in American Periodicals Review.  23:1 (February 2013)

Mary C. Kelly’s Ireland’s Great Famine in Irish American History: Enshrining a Fateful Memory (Forthcoming, Journal of Ethnic History)


Global Digital Humanities Symposium Travel Grant (2017)

LINES Travel Grant, Lake Institute on Faith and Giving (2015-2016)

Lake Institute Emerging Scholar, Lake Institute on Faith and Giving (2015)

Gest Fellowship, Haverford College Quaker Collections (research conducted 2013-2014)

Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship  (2012-2013)

North American Victorian Studies Association Travel Grant (2012)

Glucksman International Fellowship (2009, 2010)

Guest of the Historical Geography Research Group, Royal Geographical Society (2006)


Dean’s Travel Grant, California State University Fullerton (2017)

Bacca Grant, Davidson College (2016)

Public Lectures Committee Funds, Davidson College (2016)

Digital Studies Course Development Award, Davidson College (2015)

Digital Studies Professional Development Grant, Davidson College (2014)

Dean’s Outstanding Teaching Award, New York University (2012)

Teaching Fellow, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, New York University (2012)

Jean Downey Scholarship, New York University (2007-2008)

Dean’s student travel grant, New York University (2008, 2009)

Foreign Language Area Studies Fellowship for Irish, New York University and Oideas Gael (2008)

Henry H. McCracken Fellowship, New York University (2006-2012)


Invited Talks

“Curricular Pathways for Digital Scholarship at Liberal Arts Colleges”, Northfield, MA, April 2019

“Teaching History Digitally” Organization of American Historians, Sacramento, CA, April 2018

‘”What do Politics have to do with Starving Millions?”: Digital Humanities Approaches to the History of Philanthropy’ California State University Bakersfield History Forum, Bakersfield, CA, March 2017

“Teaching (History) With Digital Humanities.” New York University Atlantic Workshop, February 2016

“Digital Pedagogy: What it is, Why it is and How to do it (Well).” Fordham Graduate Student Digital Humanities Group, Bronx, NY, October 2015

“Digital History: What it is, Why it is and What to Do With it.” Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, April 2015

“Accessing Philanthropic Lives: Digital Approaches to Philanthropic History.” Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, April 2015

““Blood Stained” Calls of Benevolence: Quakers, the Irish famine, and the problem of slave owner philanthropy.” Brokers of Aid: Humanitarian Organizations between Donors and Recipients Workshop. Stockholm, Sweden. June, 2014

“There’s an App for that: Teaching with Technology.” Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Teaching Conference, New York, NY. August, 2012.

Conference Presentations

Panel organizer, “Global Perspectives on Digital Pedagogy,” Digital Humanities 2018, Mexico City, Mexico, June 2018

“First Generation DH,” Digital Humanities 2018, Mexico City, Mexico, June 2018

“Globalizing the Narrative: A Pedagogical Roundtable on Approaches and Techniques for Putting the U.S. in the World into the Survey,” Society for the History of American Foreign Relations, Philadelphia, PA, June, 2018

 “Famine, Land and Solidarity,” American Conference for Irish Studies, Cork, Ireland, June 2018

“(Re)Humanizing Data: Navigating the Digital Almshouse Project” Current Research in Digital History, Arlington, VA, March 2018

“Black Philanthropy Abroad: enslaved and free responses to trans-national disaster,” Liverpool Bluecoat: Charity, Philanthropy and the Black Atlantic, Liverpool, UK, November 2017

“The Digital and New Media Frontier,” Western History Association, San Diego, CA, November 2017

“Rehumanizing Data: Digital Methods Against Archival Violence,” Digital Humanities 2017, Montreal, Canada, August 2017

“Moving News, Affecting Relief: The Irish Famine’s Trans-Atlantic Circulations.” Modern America Society and Culture Seminar, Massachusetts Historical Society, March 2017.

“What Happens Next?: First-Generation Students in #DH Classrooms.” Global | Local: Experiments in the Arts and Humanities, Bard College, March 2017

“Antebellum Black Philanthropy as Foreign Engagement.” African American Intellectual History Society, Vanderbilt University, March 2017.

“Rehumanizing Data.” Michigan State University Global DH Symposium, March 2017

“Digital History ‘From Below’: A Call To Action”  Digital Humanities 2016, Kraków, Poland, July 2016 (abstract accepted)

“Moving News: The Irish Famine, the Press, and the Politics of Philanthropy” First Explorations in Transnational Journalism History, Augusta, GA, March 2016

Panel Organizer and Commentator for “Miserable in its Own Way? Disaster, Solidarity and Resistance.” American Studies Association Annual Meeting, Toronto, Canada, October 2015

 “Starting from Scratch?: Strategies for Building Undergraduate-Centered #DH Programs,” Workshop at Digital Humanities 2015, Sydney, Australia, June 2015

 “Mapping Davidson’s Past.” Davidson Historical Society, Davidson, NC. November 2014

“Digital Mapping Technologies.” THATCamp Piedmont, Davidson, NC. October, 2014

““Poor Indians” and “Poor Irish”: Philanthropy and Imperial Critique in the American West.” Organization of American Historians, Atlanta, GA. April, 2014

Panel Organizer for “American Philanthropy Abroad:” Transnational Philanthropy in the Long Nineteenth Century.” Organization of American Historians, Atlanta, GA. April, 2014

““Poor Indians” and “Poor Irish”: Indian Philanthropy, Irish Starvation and Political Culture.” American Conference for Irish Studies, Chicago, IL. April, 2013.

“Distressing News from Ireland: Disaster, Empathy and Philanthropy in the Nineteenth Century.” North American Victorian Studies Association, Madison, WI.  September, 2012.

“There’s an App for that: Teaching with Technology.” Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Teaching Conference, New York, NY.  August, 2012.

“Philanthropic Experiences: Reconstructing Irish Famine Relief Projects.”  American Conference for Irish Studies, Madison, WI.  April, 2011

“Distant sufferers: empathy and the origins of transnational humanitarianism.” Empathy: Self, Culture, Society Symposium, Indiana University’s Poynter Center for the Study of Ethics. November, 2011.

“Calls of Benevolence and Suffering Humanity: Reporting the Famine and American Philanthropic Identity” American Conference for Irish Studies, Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN.  October, 2009.

“Aid to Ireland: Irish Destitution, American Virtue and the Great Famine.” Nations, Diasporas and Identities, Wellington, New Zealand.  March, 2008.


Nature of Data, Data of Nature (Bates College, 2019)

TechnoGenderCutlure (Bates College, 2019)

Data Cultures (Bates College, 2018)

Survey of American History (California State University Fullerton, 2018)

Introduction to Digital History (California State University Fullerton, 2018)

Genderedtechnoculture (California State University Fullerton, 2017)

Digital History Practicum – Data Curation and Analysis (California State University Fullerton, 2017)

Readings in Nineteenth-Century American History (California State University Fullerton,  2016)

Historical Thinking (California State University Fullerton, 2016, 2017, 2018)

Atlantic History (California State University Fullerton,, 2016)

Histories of Gender and Technology (Davidson College, 2016)

Death in the Digital Age (Davidson College, 2015)

Thinking, Writing and Knowing Early America: An Introduction to Digital History (Davidson College, 2015)

Digital Maps, Space and Place (Davidson College, 2014)

The United States to 1877 (Davidson College, 2013, 2014)

American Environments to 1898 (Davidson College, 2014)

Disasters of America’s Gilded Age (Davidson College, 2014)

Popular Politics in Early America (Davidson College, 2013)

Introduction to Historical Methods (The College of Staten Island, 2012)

History 101: American Disasters (New York University, 2012)

Natural Disasters in American History (New York University, 2011)


Chair, Honors Theses, Bates College

AHA digital history support (2018-19)

DH seminar series, California State University Fullerton (2016-18)

Reader/Advisor, History Department Honors Theses, Davidson College (2014-15)

Organizer, THATCamp Piedmont, Davidson College (October 2014)

Co-Chair, Junior Faculty Committee, Davidson College (2014-2016)

External Reader, History Department Honors Theses, Davidson College (2014)

Organizer, “Forming Nations, Reforming Empires” Conference, New York University (February 2010)


American Historical Association

Organization of American Historians

Association for Computers and the Humanities

American Conference for Irish Studies


Modern Irish